Sunday, December 11, 2011

December 11, 2011

I know, I know it's been forever. So lets get on it. Im sure ill forget about a million things but let's start:

I know it's almost Christmas, but let's start off when my parents came for labor day.

Had a really good time with them. My mom had never been and my dad hadn't been since the subway cost 10 cents back in the 70s. I think he stayed near Queens then. He was eager to go to the US open and my mom was eager to not do the 1 million things I had on the agenda. I think they did more this weekend then a normal month/year for them. Took them to all the touristy places, my works, seth's work etc. Got them a decent, new and clean hotel room close to my place. I could tell they had fun. My dad would crack random jokes or say things like you know what i love new york (in a dumb way referring to the shirt and famous slogan) and would mishear my mom and I responding saying things like what? calamari? and we'd be like what the heck you talking about. I dont think any of that makes sense, but point is /i enjoyed having them here, good family time and they enjoyed themselves too.
This is what we did:

day 1:
great, quick flight
cab ride-not fun (cabbie got lost)
welcome to little puerto rico, saw victorias apt
riding the subway (not moms favorite)
madison square park-asian head: 23rd street and madison avenue
visit victorias work in flatiron district, saw views
saw the empire state building from 26th street
flatiron building (next to madison square park)
union square-where seth works- union square wines, ate at the carnival stands-sausage 14th street, union square 4th or 5th avenue
checked into sumner hotel on broadway in brooklyn
early night-exhausted

day 2:
mom and dad went to big church on Broadway in Brooklyn by hotel
grand central station 42nd street and park avenue
saw chrysler building 42nd street and lexington
st patricks cathedra and stayed for spanish service 51st street
rockafeller center
radio city music hall 50th and avenue of the americas 
pose with dora

posewith LOVE sign 54th and avenue of the americas
the carnival follows us-pinchitos
starbucks- you know mom had to get her coffee
central park 57th street
mom poses with statue of liberty lady 6th avenue from central park to times square-this was funny
times square 42nd street
us open in Queens, NY next to citi field (met-willets stations)-my dad said he always dreamed of going and finally that came true. We saw a couple of very exciting matches-watched Stosur play in heathed match-ended up winning US open womens
stayed at home, took it easy had papa johns pizza, wings, salad thanks to seth, sopita

day 3: 
we ate breakfast at their hotel
check out

Sept 9th
Emman made an impromptu visit. picked up and came into town. I had to work that Friday, so during lunch, we went to number 7 sub with a couple ppl from work and then had our subs at madison square park while watching part of the US open outside on a screen. Then that night, we went to the Brooklyn Brewery, where we ordered pizza and cashed in our chips for different beers. Pretty cool ambiance. Had a good time, got trashed. went to the brooklyn ping pong place and watched them play. Next morning, Emmanuel just wanted to explore. not have a real set plan, but to explore. I am only half comfortable with things like that. might seem good in theory, but then you end up in a hood somewhere twiddling your thumbs, or you could discover something really cool. I like to have somewhat of a plan and then go from there. no strict strict schedule, but enough to moreso guarantee success and a good time. thats why when ppl come you do half stuff you know is good bc youve been there and half new. So we went to a coffee shop he'd heard about and picked the greenpoint location, Cafe grumpy. Pretty good coffee. Emman really liked Greenpoint found out it was primarily a Polish town, which can still be seen today with all the "ski" last names on stores and such. Went to a restaurant, Lokal after, really cute, sat in the outside part and had a great brunch, yummy omelet with a bunch of stuff in it. We were both satisfied to have had succeeded so far in our adventure, picking good spots.  then we decided to go to Queens to go to the US open, but no go, walked around the Flushing meadows corona park, a huge and pretty park right by and saw the massive Unisphere, largest globe in the world, and remnants of an the ny state pavilion from back in the day, after this, we  went to Astoria bc I had heard they had good food. Might not have gone to the right part there were a bunch of old ppl and families, saw a couple poppin off rest. but long waits, after walking to the queensboro? bridge overlooking the water, we ended up eating good gyros at like a chainy type place, which was a little dissapointing. Emman liked brooklyn a lot more than where we were in queens.
that night we went to fat cats for shuffle board finally, we asked this girl to play with us bc we needed a 4th and her man thought i was hitting on her.. yeah ok ha. then they played ping pong there and played there for a while and i think thats about it. He left the next day after robertas pizza and cappucino.

Sept 11, 2011
10 yr anniversary. Seth and I had tickets to the primetime football game-Jets vs Cowboys. Good ass seats at that that he bought off Craigslist for cheap. Sound sketchy? Well there's a good reason for that. Because it was. Seth was so excited about the game, bought a Jersey and a hat all geared up and ready. Long story short, tickets were fake. Seth desperate to get in, bought first tickets available at the top of the world, I cried (stressed moreso than a deep luv for football) and the lady manager gave us awesome tickets at the price we paid for the top of the world seats. so one person destroys in humanity and another restores it immediately after. Soooo nice of her to do that. Seth ended up reporting the tix but police didnt give an ef. we then took the crappy top of the world tix and scalped -which was an interesting exp itself- for half off, ppl stuck withus to make sure real. then we tried to forget what just happenned and enjoyed the game in our great seats. didnt see mary j blige like advertised. half time show they had ppl with flashlights form in the shape of the twin towers and two spotlights shown from within the formations. cowboys fans were annoying and we saw lots of shit talking and fights. really gppd game and jets ended up winning-which was also cool since we were in ny on sept 11 and a ny team won. fun and exciting despite the beginning mess.

 9/16/11 It was like an intervention weekend, trying to cheer ppl up due to family issues that obv i wont go into here, but it was a stressful, put on a happy face, positive Patty weekend-dont get me wrong we also had fun, but it was a weekend with a purpose. Both bros came to visit and that friday, chris had never been. I was working and me and jason, taleb and this fun new guy Darnell, black gay southern man from missipy luv him went to the only chick fil a in nyc, at nyu. disguised as students despite jasons obvious"come on guys we have to get back to class" we succeeded at getting chick-fil-a! they dont have them up here at all its a southern thing. seth was visiting vb this weekend. dont think we did anything on friday except order Carmines pizza which was ok and chilled. Saturday, we took pics in front of lil puerto rico-my house, walked around the Brooklyn Flea, enjoyed the view of the city from there, took the ferry where emman had a blast seeing the 3 bridges like that and we ended up exploring governors island, which they really enjoyed. seeing all the old buildings, climbing the hills and overlooking think that reminded him of days in italy, seeing statue of liberty, hanging out at the beach part with the city view in the distance, listening to a band. everyone was feeling good/better. Then we got dropped off in brooklyn heights where we enjoyed the pretty houses, and then eventually made it back to manhattan where we went to the empire state building, which is always cool. We got home, ate chinese food from next door.
The next day, we went to Robertas, efin cardigans song and then i brought them to bus stop.

The next weekend 9/23-25, haha we're still in sept. ill be here all week
was it this week? seth and i went to the Little Italy italian fest, where a bunch of street vendors sell italian food, woulda probably been way cooler back in the day not so commercialized with premade foods (i feel like i already wrote this) but we had say it like jason nieves-sausage and peppers swaasij an peppas, calamari, mozz sticks, cannolis, etc. it was cool to go to, not amazing by any means but cool to go.

then the 25th, we went ZIPLINING over the Catskill mountains! such a cool thing to do and so out of my element, scared shitless, but know that u have to do things like this to be really living life. We got this livingsocial deal to go on the country's longest, largest, fastest and highest (600 ft up) zipline and one of the largest, etc. in the world. We took a bus with a bunch of ppl that had never done it before and after watching Almost famous on the bus, we were there, hunter mountain. got assigned to groups, enjoyed the scenery and then went on a ski lift up to a spot for short training and off we went. Seth picked for us to go first! probably bc he knows me. I said fuck it and did it. Soo much fun just gliding thru the air hanging by a string... and a harness, every now and again looking around at the scenery. seth and i would always zip at the same time and i got stuck a little ways out from the landing spot and had to get one of the cool guides to get me. we bonded with them and all the other scared ppl in our group. a girl even said I inspired her bc of my alright lets do this attitude. we could do freestyles on some (there were 5-6 zips) and adhere to a form on others. what an exhilarating/nerve racking/awesome experience! one of the coolest things ive done. seth and i have a video that he shot while going fast as hell.

Thursday, 9/29 was Matt Chans last day in NYC as he transferred to the DC office Him, Cassandra and I went and got Katz deli to the dismay of management since he had a hot req to work on.never had kat'z before. its famous and a delicious pastrami on rye sandwich.

DC and JMU weekend
Seth and I took a bus to DC to stay with Evan and Caitlin, and then to drive to JMU for Homecoming. We got there and Lisa who happenned to be home temporarily on break from war came over! We all made food, (I made my stuffed mushrooms which were a hit) and caught up. We went to eat our feast on the rooftop that consisted of steaks, the musrooms, bacon wrapped jalepenos, couscous, asparagus, and lots of yummy wine from Seth. Good food, good company. Then hung out with Lisa for a while longer and then she went home. Good to see her. needed that.

Next morning, we picked up a funny friend of Evans-believe his name was eric. if its not it will be rest of this entry. we were on our way to JMU! got there off I-81 and saw port republic-thats the best. I was trying to take it all in, townies awesome, natty light awesome. We drove to our tailgaiting spot-which is now the convocation center and no longer hillside or the baseball lot which is kinda lame, but the convocation center is where everyone was at, saw lauren caskey and talked to her-traded a budlight for yes a natty light and my red solo cup damn right, walked around drunkenly with caitlin, hungout with Tia who i hadnt seen in forever (vidals on the team), peed outside, tailgated with Evan's friends which was my home spot, ate sausage from the grill,saw some more ppl, chatted, walked around enjoying the drunken splendor of jmu purple out cornhole tossing, solo cup drinking tailgating. there is something truly magical about this place. i will always think so. wish my jmu girls would have been there. after fun taligating sesh, went to the game. sat in the new huge stadium in the new section that looks like a purple wing and can be seen from i-81. saw seths friend angela, sang the fight song, saw steamers fly, said J-M-U duuuukes after the cannon would fire. touchdown JMU.eventually got cold and left, we were way ahead i believe against the richmond spiders and we won. went on our way back to hotel (yup we dont know anyone who lives there anymore), got ready for the night, but first went to liberty gas sation by my old place where i would buy kegs, swung by my old apt real quick, then went to the hotel, played card games on an ironing board, ate at TASTE of THAI-yummy. efing love this place. We got our usual crispy beef, sesame shrimp and pad thai-which always reminds me of courtney and sara. yum-o. had it with great wines too. Delicious and good times. Then that night, went to downtown (which is apparently where all the kids party bc theres no highlawn, ceasers, luigis, or pub sadface) to Dave's, yes I ate more, saw some of Evans friends from tailgaiting, then sat at our own table and killed a bunch of pitchers. I was in the bathroom and a girl needed to get in, I opened the door only to see her spew puke while trying to hold it back with her hand-eww. I didnt totally hate the experience though as it reminded me of where I was. Seth was the only one that was hammered and we I wanted to go to a JMU house party, but we were kinda going along what others in the group wanted to do most of the time. That's probably my only complaint was that I didn't feel that I could really do everything I wanted bc I wasn't driving. I wanted to eat on campus like at dhall, walk through campus (we drove through it and around the apt complexes-ashby has a new name! like community fields or something lame and there are new complexes and food places), go to house party, etc. plus it wasnt the same bc i didnt have my girls there like Amie to reminisce with and party with there, but we will next time. I love JMU always will. gives me happy in love feelings as a matter of fact.

Oct 7, 2011
1 YEAR in NYC!!!
People at work joke me for anniversaries, but I think this is a big one-Seth and I made it! :) and had soo many amazing times so far! More to come!

That weekend, I went back home,and as the plane took off, I could see the Empire state building, crysler building, etc. and then i saw the complete outline of manhattan, clearly seeing the shape of the island-just like the one on the map-it was awesome and magical. and friday, was home (on the phone with Amie now, it's her 26th bday-damn we are getting up there!) and that night went out   with Chris, Alicia, Alex, Mikey to Shakas for Josie's friends event. It was good to hang with them, but rather an uneventful night, even walked down to watermans, but that was dead by the time we got there. Next day, went on a nice, long walk on the beach with ma and then I went to olive garden with Alicia and then shoe shopping got some boots and some flats. then i dont know what I did that night everyone was getting married this day, rather all my friends were at weddings like Kristen who was at April Altons wedding out of the clear blue sky-April and her man had only been together for a month before the wedding. yep a month haha.crazy girl. Next day, sunday, my girls and I went to Yama and then to the old Keagans and chilled there for a while and then Christian, and Kristen and I hungout at Kellys, then the next day, had lunch with my parents then (I know I did more this weekend) and then Christian and I got scratch off tickets and then got lost and I missed my plane... this sucked a lot and christian felt awful. my dad was pissed of course, and I ended up taking some crazy flight to Philli getting lost in teh airport having seth meet me at a guardia and eventually getting home after 1 am, then going to work the next day, no bueno.

Sometime this same week, Seth and I went to Room Service, recommendation from Sheila. a yummy and inexpensive Thai restaurant. (going to /bravo to get deli meats im starving-that break took 3 hrs watching broncos and the bears while eating tomato soup and grilled ham and cheese-didnt feel like making anything fancy. seth and I had some yummy fresh salmon and brocalli and mushroom casserole with gouda cheese. Back to the thai place. yeah cutesy and contemporary witha couple of hotel looking doors with numbers on them to go with the theme of room service. had yummy tuna tartar, calamari, and then seafood (which I hear is the most authentic) pad thai that was wrapped in a thing egg wrapper. Really good and great price.

Before I forget, April Hodges got engaged over the weekend. craziness, right? I'm gonna be in the wedding. yayuh. More on that when it gets closer.

That Friday, Oct 14, everyone from work went to happy hr. Jason, Jess, Sheila, Darnell and his man, cirri, gooding, Amy, Seth joined and it was a really good time getting with everyone and getting to know Darnell's man, Robert and such. At one pt an indian girl hit on Darnell and then later Darnell found out (they become ef book friends) that she was a man at one time.

On Oct. 15, I think Seth and I were pretty boring on this saturday although I luv that sometimes and spent all night watching Breaking bad which has been our show for a few months-good shit. Now we dont have anymore to watch, but Dexters back on and we also have watched some how to make it in america. The 16th, I didn't want to spend the whole day watching football at bars like we have been (btw we just found out that this whole time we coulda been watching football at home and we had at least 15 channels-ha. if i could pick channels we would have I'd pick: food network, CNN, discovery, travel, history -we do have jeopardy, hmm what else? anything with old sitcoms, family matters.) and so I said lets ride our bikes and go to a museum, so we rode our bikes down to near Park slope and went to the Brooklyn museum. African figures, real ancient mummies, some contemporary stuff, but the thing I was most excited about seeing was something I learned about in me and Jeanne's art class, Judy Chicago's "Dinner Party" which is a triangular 36 person place settings of famous/courageous/admirable women. each leg of the triangle represents a different time period and each plate is an ornate vagina.. yep vagina. Then we rode our bikes to a little restaurant in Clinton Hill, next to a weave shop haha Hill Cafe. That night, Jeanne came over and she was hating life, we went to a bar with Seth and he watched the football game while we hungout outside. pretty cool little outside part.

Monday, 10/17/11
Seth made buffalo shrimp and brought home Austrian Reisling and took a picture and posted it on efbook a while back, and then Jaimies friend Amanda (goofy girl who we hungout with when Jaimie was in town) saw it, who works at an Austrian restaurant, Cafe Katja so we went there monday night. I asked what the common drink for  Austrians was and she said, spritzers or beer, I had a spritzer while listening to german being spoken at the bar. Had liverworst, and then sausage on some vegetable in cheese sauce. Then ended the night with Blueberry schnapps straight.m Dinner and the experience were good and fun.

Wed,  10/19
Me, Amy, Cassandra, Cirri and Grecco went a Moraccan restaurant, Cafe  after work (No, it was not food around the world week haha) Cafe Mogador very cute. The girls had an appetier with hummus, cous cous, babaganoush, etc and then I got the special the fish as my entree mmmm. We had a good time including creating one of those paper fortune tellers from when we was kids.

That weekend, Seth and I went to hey maybe this is when we went to Room Service...anyways we ended up at Chelsea piers and went to their nice bowling alley. We met Tim and his new girl there and their friend and i rekindled my hatred for bowling. i am soo terrible at that shit. i started off ok and then went to hell. i dont even think im that competitive, but i just dont wanna suck that bad.

I think the next day, Seth and I carved pumpkins-Seth carved the jets and I carved a haunted house. I didnt end up dressing up this yr despite a great idea for a costume. Seth and I were going to be conjoining tetris pieces or pac man, gave eth teh idea of gordons fisherman, but it snowed out of nowhere on halloween and hasnt snowed since, so I didnt do anything. The 28th, seth and I went to an all you can drink comedy skit show with Amy and her friend-definitely funny esp bc those things have a nact for being kinda lame and im awkwardly forcing myself to laugh but no it was good. Seth and I had seen the opening comedian before-a standup one.
The 30th, Seth and I met Tom and his gf-they're not together anymore at a Bill's bar, as they were doing very very well this season until recently and everytime they'd score the obnoxious bills song would come on. In other news, not to admit that im retarded but i never knew the bills were from ny. moving on haha.

Ok that's the end of Sept and Oct, maybe tomorrow I can do November/Dec so far! wishful thinking I know.

Cat died

Monday, September 5, 2011

August 28th 2011

So we were suppossed to have some crazy hurricane today. The eye of the storm was supposed to hit NYC, the entire transit system shut down, everything closed, hundreds of thousands were evacuated and scheduled events were cancelled. Now, I'm used to hurricanes and was kinda looking forward to this one. Got everything prepared just in case bc the thought of a hurricane in NY scared me more bc of the amount of ppl living on top of each other.

Anyways, no hurricane in NY... guess i'll be bringin the canned chicken to lunch, and eating poke n beans for dinner next week.

Va had an earthquake the other day... NY felt it too. I didn't bc i was in an elevator on my way back from client meetings with Saks 5th avenue, Sony and lunch at blue smoke with Scholastic. I felt very business woman like in my power suit meeting NYC clients. Met with Polo Ralph Lauren in NJ a few weeks back too, which was pretty cool. I go with sales reps, so they do most of the talking, but I'm good with clients and it's nice to get out of the office although it takes time from the recruiting part..
Earthquake lasted about 20 seconds and did minimal damage, felt primarily in Richmond, DC. I wished i woulda felt it. During the hurricane in VB, there was a tornado in Sandbridge. What is this doomsday??

Anyways lets back track to ESPANA:
Our main reason for going is to visit abuela. She had a stroke 2 years ago when I was 23, and the entire family went back then. I didn't go last year. The last time I saw her completely herself was the summer of 21. Anyways, don't want to delve into this much, and talk about an underlying sadness/blue feeling so just know the point of us going is more for her than anything else, and if we had fun as well, well that was a plus. We hung out with the fam the whole time, making 2 days touristee days. I'll talk about the good stuff:

Number 1 good thing was... (which was another reason for going) meeting LUNA STELLE! This baby is amazing. I need to see her again before she gets much older. My sister, her fam and I got an apartment, one of Chris's friends lent us a car-huge car for Europe-Chrysler that looks like a bentley, Coach interior, rollin on 22s haha. apt was fine too minus the lack of AC, it was so hot there. We all met Lunita for the first time, even my mom (she's been in Spain taking care of my abuela). This baby: happy, happy baby, made everyone feel like they were special bc she would smile and laugh at everyone. Curly brown hair and blue blue eyes. Somehow, I knew that would be the combo. She's such a good baby too. Hardly cried or anything.

Day 1: Got to Spain, no problem
Jose and Alvaro and my mom got me, we had some convos in the car. Since I only speak spanish for 2 weeks every 2 years, I decided I didn't care if I didn't sound amazing at it, I was going to speak my mind and let my personality shine through. If I had to wait the while that it takes me to perfectly form a sentence and get the verbs exactly on and everything, I wouldn't be saying much. Too often, I have to change my personality up bc its easier to get the other one across than my own. Eva is super sweet and talks like a baby in Spanish. On the contrary, she's outspoken and can be a self proclaimed bitch in English lol. Super glad to hangout with Eva and the fam, get some good fam time in. anywho, done sounding naive and innocent (my mom said that's how i came off) no more nodding and smiling, time to be me. haha every year i succeed in this a bit, but did better this yr.
I met the lady Maria Angeles that takes care of abuela during the day, also met the one that took care of her at night, but she ended up quitting. Walked in, said hi, ate some Buchero, I joked aboit wanting a petit swee which made abuela laugh and tell me that tu eres muy grande, abuela told me, que pedaso de culo (big butt) Eva and them werent there yet, but Chari was also suppossed to come. Abuela said that Raul (chari's man) told stories de otro mundo, from another planet haha. I know he cheers her up. Took a nap, then Carmen, Poldito, Sonya came and then Chris Goodloe and fam pulled up in the fancy car and everyone made a big fuss about the baby. I think Lola and Lucy ran off to play with Javi and the kitties. Eva, the fam and I went to get our apartment not too far in Bonanza.
Came back to the campo, abuela was sleeping. Chari and Raul had gotten there. We sat outside and drank wine, ate quesito (cheese), Jamon (ham) talked about travels, etc. good convo.

Day 2:
Ma said "Rooouade" when criticing Chris on his driving. Lots of laughs on that. Lola had a few tantrums during the trip, one in which Chris "refreshing deer flesh" style, called one an "exotic tantrum". Eva and I had fun with that. We also said that we came all the way to Spain to hangout in Bonanza (bodunk lil town). We got breakfast in some lil place downstairs from the apt with momma dukes. Walked around bonanza, took some pics on a boat  on a beach, church pics, went to the supermarket with eva/chris which is so much fun in spain, had paella at the campo and spoke about astrology which raul and chari are believers in, Poldito came and everyone had coffee (except me I still dont drink the stuff) and as we were sitting outside Raul broke one of the chairs and fell on his ass, abuela laughed. It was pretty good. We took forever at a Chino store, buying towels and by the time we got to the beach, abuela and mom were "desesperada". They left quickly and the rest of us took a walk. short day at the beach dont know if lola got her "sheshells"

Day 3:
Dragged outta bed . We went to the plaza area. Chris got lost and we had some ok breakfast. Found out Manolo died-Juli's husband, sad shit. We shopped at the hippies, bought dresses, glasses, went to the Euro store, saw a Prince William and Kate inspired wedding-they all had fancy little hats on. Went to a church, prayed, went back to the campo and had pasta and clams. Reminded abuela about how she went to visit us in VA and she learned "hi, hi" haha. Went home got dressed, spanish music was on the radio which is good for the soul  (we were in an american car therefore had diff stations), went to the Plaza cabildo-i love the plaza cabildo took a million pics of it, will get a large canvas photo of it for my house, Lola, Lucy and I bought cucheria and bubbles, and had ice cream at Tonis, abuela was in good spirits, the night ended a little sadly, but im glad we were able to all get out.

Day 4:
Hectic, hectic morning with the landlord showing up asking for money, house a wreck, everyone all stressed. Went to the campo, chari exchanged presents with us. They left to go back to Madrid. Heard Camaron which made me happy. Chris cleaned up the farm a bit, I hung out with Luni, hungout with abuela, looked at old pics with ma and them. We left, went to expensive, not great mcdonalds- 27euros! thats like 42 bucks at mckedees. Came back to the apt, Joselito and Esmeralda came over and we caught up. Good to see them. Looked at pics, talked about NY, he had a test the next day.

Day 5:
We started off the day with churros! breakfast no jamon, but good chorizo and toast, OJ. went acesory shopping at the lil boutique, went to stradivarious, a thrift shop where the girls got flamenco dresses, went to the hippies, store to buy flamenco shoes. Then we went to Barbinos for tapas: we had chocos, camarones, pulpo, and cerditos. We went to the internet cafe, finally wrote Seth, went to Toni's icecream where I had an accordian solo, then to the supermarket and fishing store that chris found since he had suffered thru our shopping day. then off to abuela's house, hung out with Carmen and Sonya, took pics of Alvaro driving the fancy car, and then either Joselito and Esmeralda came to the apt or came to hang out in the farm.

Day 6:
We slept in, ate at the house, had icarly on in the background, spent the day at the beach in Rota with Alvaro, Joselito and Esmeralda and played uno.Good time at the beach. We treated everyone to Baskin Robbins-which is for them American ice cream, bought some souvineers. Then drove back home and went to pizza planet. Chris went fishing and Eva and I watched "hallpass". had a lot of good hangin out time with her

Day 7: Went to the Gitanos which is a must do with Eva and bought matching dresses among other things there, not too many accesories this year, bought a chicken asado and brought it to campo where abuela was more aspabilada, cousins were there hungout with Loli, Soraya, Leo. I dont think i saw soraya when i was there last time. Then went to the Paseo Maritimo with Abuela and Alvaro. It was a little stressy. When we got back, Chris picked her up and she had the biggest smile on her face.. She laughed and smiled so hard. everyone had fun with that. Then we drank beer, had some tapas with Jose, Carmen, Abuela, Edit, bonded on the old days with Carmen and Jose.

Day 8: (Thursday 30th)
(as im writing its now Sept 5 and my parents just left nyc)

We went to the beach with Alvaro. Me, Lola, luci and my mom played in the water and did ring around the rosie and there was some part about touching culitos? i dont know it was funny. We ate tapitas in the chiriguito at the beach like tomato soup, chocitos, that kinda thing. Had some posicles. later that day, we ran into Frankie, which was random and then we got on a touristee bike. ive always seen them in virginia beach and now I finally got to do it. I feared for my life when lola was drinving, but it was fun. i drove too. We got those good fresh potato chips from the stand that luci and i like and then lola threw a tantrum so we went home.

Day 9: July 1
This was more of a touristee day. We went to CADIZ-the main city part of where we live. We walked around and admired the beautiful Cathedral including the basement area which I really enjoyed- i luv cathedrals. Ate a yummy lunch of motaditos. got lost thank god i had the track phone with me. went to the Torre Tavira where all but mom climbed up swirly stairs into a dark room where a concave projection screen we were all looking down on showed a 360 degree view of the city-kinda nuts. the guide spoke english while explaining the history of what we were looking at. we climbed further up to the roof and then were able to see the view of the city that was shown to us before. It was hard to pick the topthings we wanted to do. We asked a couple of people. Went and got coffee. It was really hot. We saw another castle/church from the outside and then went to the Plaza de Espana where there was a monument commemorating the signing of the Spanish constitution. Definitely a full day. i know Chris appreciated doing something touristee where he could use his fancy camera. We went home, Joselito and Esmeralda picked me up that night -Fri- and we drove to a spot and got a beer at a bar, sat outside-chatted about everything then went inside to a bar where there was live flamenco. jammed to that for a while, got another beer then after walked on the boardwalk where ppl who were out were hanging. Fun. the past years i spent every day with them, this year less, but I luv it. Esperanzi arrived from Malaga this night.

If I forget to mention it, one day we went and hand-picked the pasteles from the bakery-not like a quaint bakery but a steel pan, ppl quickly and precisely spreading pastry toppings  they were being made at (pastries) brought them back to the campo for everyone to have with coffee.

Day 10:
Talked with Seth for a bit on phone, slept in didnt go to breakfast. Eva went to Rota. I went to the campo. I walked around, took pictures of really seemingly trivial things that were so important to my memories of the campo like broken pink tile from the original steps of the front of the house,  or broken blue tile from the bathroom or the laundry room with the painted over green palm tree that my sister painted when we were younger and wanted to make the farm prettier. Little things like that. or somewhat bigger things like the cactuses, el pino, the path to en ca de carmen, the non paved road to abuelas. . Just walked around the land and inside the house-those blue curtains or that picture of my uncle from his first communion whose eyes always seemed to be following us or the parrot sofa bed that was evas bed in our flat in spain. the picture where abuela was in front of our house in virginia where chris is in the background running outta the dorr late for his job at mcdonalds, the cast iron sewing machine, Esperanzi's cabbage patch doll, so, so many things. I could write a book on that stuff alone. Anyways, it was my day to reflect, write a little, have the sun shine on my face and appreciate.
We got ready and took Abuela out, we had tapitas- fun and then Toni's ice cream-everyones fave. She was being funny and did some funny tongue thing that made us all laugh. she told me "como tu, no hay otra" and I think the night was a success. She had a fun time. I lost the bunch while buying souvineers and had no way to reach them. I had a guitar i bought for lucy bday around my neck and waited on the corner. I looked half retarded with the damn baby guitar and ppl were looking at me expectin to play lol. Then I went out with Joselito and Esmeralda. We went to the boardwalk, saw Soraya and chatted with her for a bit, then met back up with her at the chiringuito on the beach and drank and danced with them. as always a good time. got home late and had to be up a few hours later for a full day hanging out with Cristina and her man in SEVILLA.

Day 11:
This was probably the most fun day. beat the pants off of Cadiz, it reminded me of Paris, soo many worthwhile things to see. Just me and the Goodloes. Lucy puked on the way there, we passed a town called the cabezas de san juan  and we saw a man dressed in a baby outfit diapers and all way too early in the morning, We finally got there and we went and fed doves in the plaza de america. Lola was sad bc she hadnt gotten any to fly to her. Chris looked like the pigeon lady on home alone and they scratched the mess outta me while landing on my shoulders. pretty cool experience. lucy got a few no problem. Then off to the plaza de espana (we saw other countries plazas that they built for the Expo) and it was frickin huge and gorgeous. The building on the plaza was some castle from star wars- the haboo monumental brick building. Has historical events from each province. Cristinas man antonia gave us a history lesson, in fact they both looked up facts and figures studied if you will before giving us a tour, they were very very hospitable. Bought some spanish fans from an old man flattering me. Rode on the outside metro to see the famous Cathedral, we mostly saw it from the outside and saw a subsect of the cathedral where the 2 lovebirds were getting married. They treated us to lunch, passed by the plaza de toros where Chris has a funny video of me pretending to be a bull, got some yummy icecream, saw the famous tower of the cathedral-so cool, then went to the Islamic Real Alcazara-huge. where the king and queen of spain come when they visit-absolutely beautiful, room after endless room of ornate and meticulously crafted islamic decor and architecture. A pond for his mistress that looked like it wuld be straight outta thailand, a gorgeous graden with waterfall, so pretty. Then topped off the perfect day with a horseback ride for me and the goodloes through the city back to the plaza de america where we started. By the time we got on the horse the jaded Lol was already asking about the pigeons again. these kids are jaded, I was estatic. riding in the front and all. We got back to the plaza and ...Lola got a dove!
Thanked them and said our goodbyes.We went back to the campo to hangout with ma, abuela and Esperanzi and I made her laugh by imitating her snoring which i totally forgot about until something triggered it. Then while watching crazy spanish tv, there was a feauture on Miami and all these huge-like triple z women were in bikinis and dancing and talking. we all had a lot of fun with that.

Day 12: had to go back to the real world the following day. This day, 4th of July, we decided to celebrate Lucy's bday. Im glad too because I wanted a way to get the whole family to hangout. Esperanzi (I think it was this day) gave Eva and I very thoughtful presents. A journal that smelled like sobre cartas and a poetry book in spanish. Not sure what else we did this day, but we got the party together and entertained. Poldito commented my spanish was good. Lucy liked the guitar the best. One of the best parts of the day was when we all took family pictures and abuela was cracking short jokes cracking everyone up like how chris was so slow that "le calle los juevos" and things like that. It was a good ending night and I said my byes, most emotional one with abuela. I was trying to make her laugh during it though.

Then the next morning, i flew back 22 straight hours of travel-dont know why the hell I booked London? then got home at 9 pm exhausted, Seths mom and bro were there and I chilled with them and went to bed, then work the next morning.

Come to find my boss that had been there for 4 years had gotten fired... which sucked for me bc i liked her and she liked me a whole lot. definitely took me a while to get back in the swing of things.

Weekend July 8 and 9th
Not sure what I did that Friday. Saturday went to teh meatpacking district to watch Jeanne's band open for the Bouncing Souls. im not a big fan of them but wanted to see her and show support for her band. She went nuts and was stage diving, seth and i left to get pizza and beer and saw the ritzyish kinda area that we're never around in. weirdest part of the night was when we were hanging out with the only other person that Jeanne invited. After a series of questions found out he was our fuckin next door neighbor! we only have 4 apts in my complex and hes in the one right across from me on my floor (only 2 per floor) what are the odds??
The next day, the 10th, Sunday we went to the beach. Jones Beach. took us forever to get there 1.5 hours on public transportation. We met Seth's coworker a 35 yr old hippie that gt his kicks from tying a dollar bill to a fishing rod, tugging on it and seeing what madness ensued. Nice guy. His gf was in a thong which was surprising and crzy but a pretty fun time at the beach no less.Nice beach.

The following weekend Amie came! this was how i looked back on it: i look like hamlet in your profile pic lol miss ya already. im glad we didnt have a completely touristy time in nyc. it was like bringin JMU to nyc. randomness, getting lost, loopiness, dancing, drunken bliss, hangover hell, laughing about everything and nothing, eating terribly but amazingly, roaming around clueless, crazy ruckuss, drama, going with the flow, jasmine, kelly, Room mating, doggin on crazy ppl, hatin on skinny dumb bitches, reminding ourselves that we are soulmates ETC. good times.

We: Went to Roberta's pizza with Kelly and her school teacher friend from home, went to the Moma for the first time on the free night and took funny pics "little girl" and paintings that we questioned if they were really art, impressionist paintings with kelly remind me of paris, favorite was seeing "the persistence of memory" by Dali. St patrick's cathedral went inside, Mr softee icescream, pregamed with red solo cups but fancier vodka than burnetts haha and went to the Woods bar, met drunk seth and robbie there danced and drank, got pizza at ana marias. 

Next morning, went to the Brooklyn flea and got fried chicken biscuits and lemonade, then the ferry ride to see the 3 bridges-sadly found out jasmine decided to move back to VA to teach dance, accidently ended up on Governors island, met Jasmine at the flatiron building, saw my work, ate at rickshaws dumplings, said bye bye Jasmine ... went out to Libation club, drank way too much danced met heather miley but only hungout a while longer, cab drove us to wrong moore street, puked my ass off, next day hungover city, to Jones beach hungover as hell for the bumpy 1.5 ride 19 stops on J. 4 on long island railroad and a bus ride on a highway, puked on the bus in a bag... the gay brunos in front of me were disgusted. I carried my baggie, died a little more and recovered with a strawberry popsicle, met tim who again coincidently ended up working the floor below me, crazy. seth and i didnt have a great night that night and instead of having to call amie, she was already there lol. It was very much a vicky amie weekend which i luved and needed.

I am going to make pulpo linao. bbs
Well hopefully that turns out edible. never made it b4

July 18th and 20th went to some mets games. 1st one against Marlins went with Sheila, her lil sis-her sister's friends who are from florida and robbie, tim and seth. it was alright, pretty uneventful, good to see sheilas lil sis again. think mets lost.
The 2nd one was more fun against the cardinals with more work ppl, matt l and his fiancee, amy, shar a, taleb, jesshart, tomo, peter and seth. A guy ran into the field (i didnt know what was going on-thought it was part of the show) and dodged the officials. Also, pretty sure we got a home run towards the end and i got to see the apple pop up.  and we won.

July 22nd, went to Stout with some work folks and chilled in the downstairs area, then went back to sheilas with the toms, grecco and drank. then seth came over and we played some easy fun drinking games with the too fuckd up to think folks. pretty fun night.
July 23rd, went to Harry Potter 3D, the last one at the theater, pretty good, funny ending. Got some baller vietnamese sandwhiches and ended up getting max brenners chocolate by the bald man, fondue (couple days later i bought a set)
Juy 24th-Early that morning, Jenn R and her man -nice, quiet guy with tats came over and we drank sangria while playing cornhole that they had never played before. cracked my phone when i put the phone in my bikini top going down the fire escape. Then we met Kristen and Drew who were in town and we all went to Ippudo which they enjoyed then came back to our place and drank a little more. fun couple day.

July 26th, sheila and I had a random KFC night. I dont even know what that means entirely haha. 
July 29th: Atlantic City! I'd never been and Sheila brought it up to me before that Gillians man had a free room (ended up being a nice sized suite) and that we should go. Seth, me, Sheila, gillian and her man and aaron (bata) took a bus up there. And i was sober all night unfortunately since no one thought to bring a bottle. Got up to the big suite, got ready and just gambled downstairs of Harrah's all night. Sheila was beastin blackjack, i played safely and i think was down 80 bucks? for the night. Bata was throwin money around and losing it all. gillian lost 200 bucks instantly and stopped playing. We never did see the backstreet boys lol that were supposed to be there. played roulette and ive decided i hate slot machines-you know those levers arent even real? u push a button instead. im coughing now just thinking of the smoke I inhaled with them all smoking. Fun night just walking around gamblin. Slept for  a few hours then got back on the bus. Seth went directly to work... dont know how he did that. 

In the month of August, I started working out like in gyms and not just gilad. I bought a scale-the one from bed bath and beyond that told me I was the lightest. i did hot yoga on August 2nd with jess, amy alexa and cassandra from work and while the tiny ones looked refreshed the rest of us looked like we were going to die. they all laughed at my facial expressions, but think 90 minutes in a sauna working out when you havent in a while. man. but the next day, i felt like a rockstar. that week, Jason and christian (who has since quit-as a matter of fact a lot of ppl quit) went to Spin which again was a first for me. our ghetto instructor nikki was so cool "if you need it want it gotta have it, turn it up" good music too. "dont blame me blame your friend for bringin ya" went to yoga the next week and spin, yoga the following week and went to NYC sportsclub to do cardio and weights that i got a trial membership to, the next week worked out once and the same for the following (spin-very gay man teaching, bobbing his head to lady gagas born this way' and such) Besides working out, ive been Not eating right, went to Deweys on August 3rd for drinks with the coworkers found ourselves segregated in corners Brown corner, jewish corner, italian corner and gillian haha.

August 5th, i think seth and I rode our bikes around to bars, on August 6th sheila and i went shopping then to olive garden, then Seth and met tim and some folks at a german beer garden which had a pretty cool atmosphere. August 7th, seth and I went to a cold soup contest in williamsburg which was interesting. our fave was the one with bacon of course, then had a nice meal at the crib with wine. We do that a lot. 

That Friday August 12th Kelly was in town (i know she comes a lot which is nice) and her, her bro and seth went to a Yankees fame, got some close up seats this time for sure. Foul ball came somewhat close to us. that night seth and i went to a the broadway comedy show-has nothing to do with broadway, pretty funny stuff altho one guy in the audience was being annoying, sat with some fun, loud latinos from jersey that made it more funny.
Saturday, Ashby 1150D came into tow, Jeanne and her roomates used to live there in Harrisonburg, so thats what i called them. hadnt seen them in a good while-randomly saw stacey at galax actually last yr. Went walked around like 15 ppl deep, felt like a freshman at jmu searching for a party, ended up at chinatown in some random kareoke room to ourselves-most fun singing bohemian rhapsody, toms and grecco joined too. 
Aug 14th went to an "all you can eat and drink" seafood thing with Chris Choi, but it rained and the lines were beyond redic. i have a sense of what would happen if we ran into a scarcity of resources in ny-not pretty. we made friends with the ppl ahead of us and event. got food. it was not bad besides the redic wait.
August 18th out from work sick thanks to the roomies ahem ahem 
August 19th had drank a little at work, (Don moved to UK) then continued at Life Cafe with seth yum chicken wings and mac and cheese
August 20th, got into words with friends, met tom c out with seth and chilled with him for a bit with some work folks from the SF office. Seth and i got pom frittes, then we did something adorbs-camped out on our roof. i miss camping and thats the closest we were gonna get.

August 21st sunday, moms bday-NY was her bday gift, went to Junipers for wings and mac and cheese again haha then Jets preseason game against the bengals. it was raining its butt off we were soaked throughout the game. cool besides that. saw plexico in action. We even got to go rediculously close for the last few minutes of the game since no one was really there. 

I talked about my meetings on the 23rd and how we had that random earthquake. that night we did trivia at brooklyn winery with taleb, amy, robbie, then liz joined later. we got 3rd place.

August 25th, went to the long island wineries for "forced fun" day with work ppl. It was fun, but i think it would have been more fun to go somewhere where they could be their normal drunken selves. Had a pretty good time though going to the different wineries, learning, teaching, not being at work, seeing green grass. that night i stocked up on supplies for the hurricane. the 26th, sheila and i went to tj then to Rogue where i think we should change our work spot to bc its cooler than deweys and drank a lot, caught up. then we met seth and joseph and played pool. 

I think im thru! if i rem anything else ill let you know. next entry will talk about what me and the folks did on their trip to the big city!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Sometimes I dont enjoy writing here. I think its bc i put it off for so long and I have So much going on here, so therefore a lot to write about that I get bogged down. I tried to catch up a little while I was in Spain, not spin as my last entry said, ive actually fallin off the the wagon and back into eating whatever the hell I want. Spain marked a vacation from my diet. One that I am still on...

So when I was in the airport, I got to write the entry in my notebook about when christian and Joey were here, which was a blast so here I will type all that up b4 moving on.

I'm in Spain! In the Madrid airport. Thought I might have a chance at missing flight because we were on the plane in NY, delayed just sitting there for 2 hours. Damn screaming, crying, hell they were howling babies. Kicking seats, playing with the arm of the chair squeek-squeek, squeek-squeek. Hardly slept. People next to me hated the kids more than I did. The Madrid airport wasn't as complicated as last time. I didn't have to check my luggage again and ride a bus on the interstate to another wing of the airport. Let's hope Joselito and my mom are at the Jerez airport when I arrive. I want a fanta and jamon and an adapter, but I don't yet have Euros. I'm going to go thru the same struggle of damnit why didnt I practice any spanish in the past 2 years, so I don't sound retarded the first few days. I'm excited to see the fam esp. abuela of course and baby Luna! I'll miss Seth. Him and I have to go on an international trip sometime. Sara, Amie and whoever else have thoughts of going to Peru-Lima, Machu Picchu and beach. That's all I know is around there. Joan "Lima's beautiful this time of year." I'm also not as stressed about work as I was when I went a couple of years ago. My stuff is being covered by my colleagues, not piling up. If I can make it to an internet cafe, I'll go through and delete emails so it doesnt look so daunting. Anywho, I didn't bring my computer, but I'll hopefully get to write often as I do when I'm abroad.

Did I already write about me and Seth's anni? I think I did.

On to when Christian and Joey came to visit (May 27th). I've been asking Christian to come forever. I had such an amazing time. Our 2 days were jam packed-but we all had a great time. Bought a painting with Jhart by a NY local and I painted on it a little to make it more colorful. Our house looks more like a home little by little. Wish we had AC but the little window unit works well just in our room.

Anyways, they were delayed in VB by Sprinte r surprise surprise bc a passenger threw a water bottle at the bus driver's head and then the bus driver refused to drive. Anyways, they got there here and while Joey was showering, I gave C the nylon Giants wallet (yes with the plastic sleeve inserts for photos) that I bought. such a kids item that it didnt even have CC slots.
Then, we went to Ana Maria's where J had the best slice of pizza he ever had in his life. We went to my work where they were awed by the view, the wall sized white boards, and the set up joking they were going to change one word on the dry erase board and fuck something up. J: "Dave, I'm gonna need that report by 2 PM." They're funny. We went outside to the Madison "Mad Square food super cutesy where they they have different food stands. They got beer, I got a cannoli against my diet. We took pics in front of the flat iron and of course I had to ask the only guy (well actually, probably not) who didnt speak english and despite his fancy, expensive camera didnt know how to use it, hello tilt the cam and you can get the top of the building in. We laughed in the attempts though so whatever. Went to Seth's wine shop, where they were having their 5 year anniversary where they were tasting 100 wines! I taught them how to properly taste it (they didn't care obviously just wanted to get drunk) and they took a shot of whiskey yeah how to properly taste and also some ways to describe it which they totally butchered while tryin to look snobbish mid laugh.


They had a great time-drank a lot. Then, we went to St. Marks and went to an Irish pub-believe same place I went with Melissa-my cuz. McCabes. Drank a bunch there, C bought sunglasses that broke the next day from a Chinese stand. I gave the boys 4 horsemen, I introduced them to brooklyn lager, we just chilled on the stools and drank. After, we went to Ippudo and got seated right away. We sat across some asian girls and C, drunk asked, weren't there 3 of y'all? haha. imagining people. Had the pork buns and of course they loved the soup. Later, we took a long journey to Rockafeller center. took pics of it and 30 rock rainbow room sign. went to times sq where i was able to get cheap tix for dangerfields. At times sq, there were people holding up "free hugs" signs. I found it kinda odd, but I guess it makes ppl happy/laugh and pehaps could play a part in stopping a person from committing murder by softening their heart and view on mankind, sure why not. C and J only did it bc she had some tig ol biddies. C didn't buy Nikes from times sq, but instead kockoffs from the store right next to my house and hats from the store nearby. til then i didnt know if they fixed shoes, sold shoes, what they did.
Seth met us from work eventually on a corner by Dangerfields, after a long walk and scared the crap out of me. Show was good. We like this joke: "I was talking about Iran and some lady from the audience said, 'it's proniunced E-ron, you should take some time to learn about other ppl's cultures.' So I threw a rock at her and told her not to question a man (and in public?) They joked Christian for not knowing Korean, did some martial arts/asian jokes at one point, the comedian was like, "I luv it when girls get together because you know what girls like to do when they get toegether?" He put the microphone to Seth (who wasn't paying attention) and Seth replied, "weiner." Everyone was rolling. Seth was laughing so hard at his own joke he cried. It was hilarious. the comedian was like "weiner? weiner...?."
Then, we went to Mcsorely's which Joey had heard was a must-do from one of his buddies. It was last call so we only had a couple. Then we went to Boka and had Bon Chon Chicken and drank Soju and beer. Then we went home. That was day 1, yes all day 1.

Day 2: This is the day I became a Mets fan. We went to a Mets game in Citifield and it was everything that I pictured a baseball game to be. It was sunny and warm, we were sitting in the bleachers, drinking beer, eating hot dogs, crackerjack and peanuts. Could it get more American? "Soooooodaa!" yelled the puertorican soda girl to our constant delight. J taught me a little bit about BB since I know nothing. C had a collection of beers going and was almost drunk almost tipping a beer in his hand over while he almost passed out. The boys inc. Seth bc he got to go were really into it. (C is a hardcore Mets fan) and it was a blast...and they won (against the phillies) such a good time.
Then, we rested a bit and set out to the Roberta's party, but they wouldnt let anyone else in. So after unsuccessfully standing around, we went to a sure bet: all you can eat and drink sushi. J & C kept saying, "call me" and "crassie" (crazy) to everyone. At Sushi, we heckled (is that the right word)? some Phillies fans and then did saki bombs with them while getting stared at. Fun as always. Left Donnie a VM saying I missed his ass.
Then, we went to fat cats-the place that has games and jazz. We played shuffleboard which was so fun. I was on C's team and I don't really know who won because of a premature end on J's part. C & I still celebrated. Then, we went to Down the Hatch, and C and I danced a bit, C and I played beer pong against incumbants and won!!! I suck at beerpong but not that night. I even sunk the last cup. Seth was so proud of me.
then J and S beat us. whatever. we saw a pimp later that night too.
Then, we took a cab home, voted not to go to Yuri's deli and as soon as C & I got out of the cab, simultaneously projectile vomited on the streets. Good times.
Next day, we were worthless and then they went home. Memorable memorial day weekend.

Ok that's all that I had to transcribe. Moving on to June!
6/2 went to Dewey's with Sheila, Taleb and Jason-pretty fun, learning more about everyone..
Friday 6/3 Went to Dewey's with Jhart-also fun, guy next to us some of our leftover food and they were fun to joke with
Sat and Sun-Governors island! saturday day. Rode our bikes to downtown brooklyn-think it was my first time riding bikes in NYC (another time we met Robbie at a bar-some girl who was dancing but looked as if she was emerging from a cacoon) then took a ferry to the beautiful governor's island. Bunch of old Colonial Williamsburg houses that no one lives in, odd, but curious public art, views of the statue of liberty and where little man mande beach, among the city backdrop. Very fun biking around. great time. then that night Jeanne came over and we had delicious, delicious steaks and veggies while watching daily show and colbert. Did we go out that night?

6/6 went to an invite only internet party fro technology week with Seth. Random, walked around, went to a booth where we had to share a quote, "smooth move, ferguson"-from 30rock, got wrist bands for free food, yummy rickshaws dumplings, some mexican food, pizza and had a few free drinks. Seth and I were flirting with each other, it was cute. not that successful at networking, but not that concerned as I didnt go there for my job anyways, but bc seth got free tix from his friend.

6/7 Sheila and I went to Olive garden, drank a bit. btw everyone here (bc a lot of them are italian) think the OG is gross. Granted, it may not be authentic, but it is damn good. Anyways, hung out and had food/drinks at the bar and you won't guess what happenned next?? We left and Sheila was crossing the road, I went to catch up with her and at that very moment a few feet away stood PAUL RUDD. Paul mothafuckin Rudd and I just stared at each other for seconds. His gf or pesky wife whatever she was was hailing a cab, the streets were empty and for a moment time just stood still for me and Paul. His shaggy hair, messy beard. mmm. What did I do. NDT. Not a damn thing. Epic fail! I stood there like a deer in the head lights, and then walked away and cought up with Sheila. OMG, I didn't take a picture, ask for an autograph, smile, wink, hope on him, nothing. nothing. sigh. Once in a lifetime and I failed. miserably. I've always thought he was hot as hell. cute in a quirky way, ever since clueless. It was my shot to do something, and i did nothing, Sigh....

6/8 Went to the wine shop with Sheila and Amy then went over to Sheila's for a while to continue the drinkin.
6/9 Went to Seth's work where they were having BBQ, Bourbon, and Bluegrass and ate amazing comfort foood, tried some expensive bourbon, and listened to the fun band and then proudly watched Seth play along with them. Really fun and yummy.

6/10-6/12 Seth's boys-Sean, Greg "mm fat legs"(-said a gay, black man to him in NY ) Hogan, Calamari and Ade came to visit. Went to Highline park, an old railroad/subway station converted to a park, walked around there which was cool, went to a beer garden, saw a big blow up thing and went inside took turns in pairs jumping up and down in it, chasing each other like children, got icies, went to prospect park? and saw andrew bird, pretty much it was in the background amongst the we ed smell and drinkin beers/flasks on a blanket while hanging out with mayumi and her friends. eventually met robbie and liz, got pizza, not sure what we else we did. I know they went to a Coheed show for their guys night or was that saturday afternoon? not sure. This was during the Prican day parade weekend. The 2nd largest parade after the Macy's Thanksgiving day Parade. I am absolutely certain that my landlord's store was the headquarters for the whole thing. Selling a million dollars in PR gear, including a PR flag jersey that Sean bought. Both Seth and Sean could fit into it. and if I ever have to hear the bonita bandera song, "que bonita bandera, que bonita bandera, que bonita bandera, esta bandera, puerto riquena!" I will shoot a bitch. All the boys tried to sing it. Anyways, Jeanne came over (that's where I left the last entry) and so did Jasmine. It was late while we were pregaming, but we went out to the woods and had a pretty good time. Picklebacks were discovered that night. its a shot of whiskey chased by pickle juice. ew. J and A were dancin and such which is an odd odd combo, but hey whatever works.

6/14 Seth and I went to Destafano's the really great steakplace in brooklyn, then went to Trivia night at Brooklyn Winery. We did really well-3rd place despite the fact that it was just us two.

6/16 Jasmine had her bday thing. It was a Thursday, and we went to 1849, she finally got there late as hell with her coworkers from her dubious job, and Seth met us up. Then, we went to Bar none, which was fun, and I gave jasmine mad shots, at this point Peter had joined, but we stayed out late late. I went to work the next day worthless. I never do that. I can't hang at all anymore.
Seth and I both had to work early and had a big ol fight the next day bc we were so tired. Him and I fight like normal couples do, but im blamin this one on lack of sleep and stress. Think this day, we just slept.

6/18 saturday-no idea
6-19 (father's day) biked to the brooklyn food flea market with Seth and got some Mexican food there, then took the East river Ferry for free and took a river tour of an upclose look at the main bridges- Williamsburg, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. Sooo cool. such a good time. Then we got dropped off at Wallstreet, did not have the luck getting back home as we did getting on the boat, so we biked home, which included: biking on the Williamsburg bridge which I've been wanting to do! Felt proud afterwards, What a good day. Pretty sure according to my calendar, we had steaks this day too. Next day, we had buffalo shrimp.

6/21, i packed and then ...6/22 half day at work and I took a cab to the airport and it was time for ESPANA! Now, I was there for 12 days and some stuff is family stuff, so bullet points will have to do. But I have to leave it there. Here's hoping that next weekend is somewhat uneventful, so I can reflect more! Also, here's hoping for a great week!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

continuing from the last one

busy, busy here. i rather like my saturday days to myself to sleep in, workout, talk to my sister or friends, just chill, regroup. I have 4 houseguests here and Jeanne is on her way from Jersey so I'll write as much as I can before she gets here.
Let's continue where I left off in April... ha.
On April 27th, it was Sheila's bday (most of my friends were born in April) and we just went to Dewey's-the bar we always go to after work. Did Seth and I come over this day? dont remember

On the 28th, we went to the sales director's play. It was like 2 one women shows. the first girl that went up was funny, sang/acted about her mother being a sex therapist, did a number on "is he gay or european" which was hilarious bc ive often wondered that, showered the audience with nyc condoms, etc. then the sales director came on and hers was more classy and she could really sing her ass off. i like her a lot. I needed a little theatre in my life, good for the artistic soul. I always went to a bunch of plays/shows/acts at JMU. Then Don, a guy at work that lives by me went to our homes.

On the 29th, Seth had a bday party at our crib. He and peter and their friend neil had made fresh guac and homemade tortilla chips, made a bunch of sangria and gin bucket. We were trying to make it a rooftop party but it was kinda cold, and its kinda a pain in the ass to go down the ladder for the rooftop. Having all those people in the house made it hard to play beerpong with seths rigged ass ironing board beerpong table. I mainly hung out with a few people i invited from work-only invited the few that lived close by-Taleb and Don. Sheila came by for a bit. Lots of asians ha. Everyone had to take a squeezy baster thing of gin bucket when they came in and everyone really liked the sangria.think mostly everyone had a really good time. I had a decent time, but I thought last year was a lot more fun when we had it here and the roof was open.

On Seth's actual birthday, I surprised him and we got dressed up and went to NYC's most famous steakhouse, having a reputation for being the best steak in NY-aged beef taking 2-3 months reservations in advanced-Peter Lugers. Expensive as shit and they only take cash-which are things that give it character. The bacon was amazing-these thick ham sliced sizes of bacon slabs were sooo good. We got some cab to go with the steak. The sauce is overated like fancy cocktail sauce. You could taste the complexity of the aged beef-porterhouse for two, which was really good, but they overcooked it a bit...overall good experience and ill be back, just not for a year or more, and ill make sure they cook it right. Honestly Seth made some steak the other day, and I thought that was on par as well as the steak from Destafano's but i think it had a lot to do with the fact that it was a bit overcooked. They put a candle on the keylime dessert for him. Seth was a happy boy. Everyone was jealous we went. I like that I can afford that stuff everynow and again. I dont remember what we did after if anything. I'll have to ask Seth.

May 6th, Kelly came to visit!
That night, we went to iron sushi with peter and seth, but kelly felt crappy and her and me went back to the crib. i may have made her watch Teeth that night haha.
The next day, we went into Bedford and ate bagels and then walked around the cutsie area. we went into a few shops and Kelly bought a dress in one. I bought some vintage jewelry from a stand. Then we went into the city and went to Central park area, colombus circle? where they have a globes of the world thing, CNN building, some other stuff which i had never been to before and took some pics. the went into central park and the sun-the sun that I feel like I havent felt in months shone on my face. I was soo happy. We laid on some big bolder things people were laying out on and just enjoyes the sun on a beautiful spring day in central park. It was awesome and fun and we didnt want to leave, but we had to eat and then get to the Usher concert at the prudential center in Jersey. We rode the nj transit which i had never been on-pretty cool little train, and got to the show hoochified. We got food and bruskies and enjoyed the show. Unfortunately, they stopped selling brewskies pretty early so no buzz for us. We had some pretty crappy seats and I couldn't tell if it was Usher or Morgan Freeman down there, but still really fun. Its a huge huge venue-overwhelmingly big, and he looked like a little ant down there.  Hes a very good performer-such a good dancer. He did a tribute for micheal jackson. He pulled a woman on stage and they pretty much did it on stage singing, "I need a girl who's over 18 and single, over 18 and singllllle" good times.

Sheila and I went to DSW where I bought a pair of Jelly shoes and felt like a 9 yr old again and then went to wine tasting. On Friday, the 13th, Jess from work who I have been bonding with a lot -we say we're twins, we're always singing random parts of rap songs outloud and being random wanted to come to bk with me (shes from Jersey and says words like walk, dog, coffee weird-so does Jason-my lunch buddy at work from the bronx). We bought skinny girl margaritas from Seths work and drank it, while just shooting the shit about everything drunkenly going into tangents changing the subject frequently-that was fun. Then we got ready and Seth came out with us. We tried to meet some guy jess wanted to see, but he was being flaky. I was scared she wasnt going to have a good time and as we were walking, our buzzes were fading. she said she wanted to find herself a hipster haha. then we ended up at a super fun spot-the woods where Peter and that guy she was trying to see and his friends eventually met us. There was a bar part, then a dancing part where guys and girls could go on stage and an outside part. Pretty cool place. We danced our butts off and had a grand old time. They played good music too. Never have a been to a place where I suggest a song and the dj is like hell yeah! and instantly plays it-back that ass up of course, and then he played can I get a fuck you, i was so excited. haha so yes, we had a blast. The ride home was entertaining too...our cab driver was dominican and to my embarrassment, jess proceeded to shout out every spanish word she ever learned. "la ventana!" "la ventana es loca!" oh my gosh.
May 14th, Randomly Julia hill was in town from richmond, and I hadnt talked to her since Greg's bros birthday party last yr, but b4 then longer. We used to spend hours on the phone in middle school and then chilled a lot my sophomore? year of college. Anywho, she came over and it was fun. We went to the ghetto (in her opinion it was nice-oh she's lived in the ghetto too long) corner store and as she came out she said, as we passed 3 cops "man I cant wait to get stoned and eat some mars bars." haha. We went to the crib, listened to boyz II men pandora, drank, watched parts of the human centipede, caught up a bit, played some drinkin games with seth and then went to duck duck a dive bar close by. pretty fun and really good to chill with her again. Who was I hanging out with when we watched the invention of lying? hmm anywho.

That Thursday May 19, Seth and I went to a fleet foxes show in Harlem. this is 1 of me and seths favorite bands. The venue was like an old medievelish church or something. warm colors and moraccan/arabic feel to it too. It was really, really different and cool. Got to our seats, his was directly behind me, met an older couple that sat by us that was stoked on them. Again, our seats could have been better, but we got the last 2 tickets. It was SO good. so good live. we had a great time at the show despite the 2 hours it took to get home.

Hours later at 6 am, a cab got me and I went to JFK to go to VB! hadnt been home in 5 months, and I was pretty excited. Alicia picked me up from the airport with Rafa, and we got chick fil a. I think the diet god had something to do with the fact that they forgot my sandwhich, but Alicia gave me hers since theres no chick fil a in NYC-except NYU food court. Ate at her place, saw her new furniture and then went  to my house I took a long nap and then hungout in the house for a bit. Dad made me steak and veggies and a baked potato and then i got new bangs at great clips, then planned and coordinated the night and got ready and the Forgot my id while buying miller, and had to go back and prove I wasnt lying-glad I look young at least, then somehow (did sarah, kristen, i know amie wasnt dribing..) got to Courtney's place (I dont have insurance anymore) and it felt like my birthday! We were all exited to see each other and Hedy gave me my bday present that never got to me. It was almost all my girls and then Emman, Alicia, Danny and Pablo and his wife showed up. We pregamed, took some pics and all went out to Lunasea! Danced on poles, drank a bunch, took some shots,  hungout in the outside beachy part and chatted mostly with my girls and even christian and joey showed up wasted. SUCH a great night! So much fun. then went back tp courts, ordered pizza and had a sleepover with some of them. Next morning, Courtney laughed her ass off at texts and we reminisced about the night. Then we all met a few hours later at Yama! got sushi with my girls and then it was family time from there. Went and picked up the kids and Alicia and took them to handels ice cream. Then, we went to the beach, max-puppy got sick but we chilled for a while. It was good to get some beach time and sun. necessary. Then, went to Red Lobster for Alicias bday with the fam and Danny-had to convince dad to go somewhere else than chinese buffets... and then Alicia, Emman, Danny and I went out for Danny's last night. we went to a few places and they were all whack that night. finally got to hot tuna and it was cool, but we werent there long as after the band, it was last call. 'the next morning, I had to leave early and that was my weekend at home. Sooo much fun. I feel like I got to have good time with most of the ppl I wanted to see.

May 26th
I dressed up for work, even tho i wear dresses everyday and the ceo whistled at me "woowoowoowoo" when I walked in, I did close a deal the day before.. and Christian at work goes, so how was it like to get sexually harrassed at work haha.anywho, i told everyone it was my 2.5 yr anniversary and of course they joked me... but whatever I think you should celebrate every 6 months. why not? Seth and I went to Brooklyn Eonology BOE, where we each sat at a bar and each tried 4 wines and cheeses, meats and caramel popcorn, crackers. it was cute. Then we went to the Chocolate Library on the LES and picked out expensive chocolates (we had a groupon). The Belgian milk chocolate was amazing. Then we went to an Italian restaurant, Supper that a coworker had recommended. We wanted to sit inside and enjoy the atmosphere, but the food was good. It was a cute date!

Ok, Jeanne's a mile away, so I'll try to continue ASAP. I need to b4 I go to Spin, because that will be its own  big story.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

May 15, 2011 7 months in NYC

I suck at writing in this. looked at my last entry-really that's the last time I wrote?! well what r ya gonna do at least I wrote what Ive done in my calendar just bc I know myself. Seth is coming home in 14 minutes and I want to chill with him when he gets here. With his two jobs, he usually works till late and while we do spend time together, we don't get to plan whole days to hang out. I do enjoy alone chill time at the crib, but I wish we could plan like a day at the museum or the park or something. He put in his 2 weeks to the Sports place, so hopefully, we'll have more time soon. It's warm here Finally! still have some days of rain or chilliness, but it's finally Spring!

Work has slowed down a bit. went from working on like 12 reqs to now 5. I closed 3 permanent deals last week! That is pretty crazy and awesome. Got paid my 1st commission check the other day with my first 2 deals-yay. They are impressed with me at work and during my review my bosses had positive things to say.

I luv my group of peeps at work. Sheila is my girl but we dont sit right next to each other and I mainly chat/joke around with the recruiters. Get food together for lunch, gchatting each other. They are a crazy bunch, lots of personality. This one guy Taleb is my neighbor so we're mad cool. the receptionist Don is also my neighbor so that's cool.

So I got my couches from Ikea (I swear I already wrote about this..) and I got fun pillows for them. Seth and I changed up the living room and it actually looks like a living room. so cute. we need to get more stuff for the walls. he hung up the bikes in the kitchen which doesnt look awesome, but we have no room.

I'm on a diet now. We used to joke Jacob (the fitness guy from work) but now I seek his help. I already know most of this stuff from my mom, but I feel like I'm being held accountable now. I knew it was time to get on the diet when I found myself. Damnit Seth is home, now Im gonna wanna go hang. Where was I? When I found myself drinking alfredo sauce. I have been here once before and not coincidentally, it was at my fattest. I at that moment wrote Jason from work an email. subject read: My thighs have the power. body of the email: to make a small country tremble. Salads tomorrow? and the diet started. I hate being a hater on the beach. Dumb ass skinny bitches frolicking the beach, while I lay with my one piece and sarong feeling bad about myself. So time to take control, and no im not joining a gym-just eating better and doing my Gilad workout videos!

Going to Spain in June-couldnt find a deal on the tix this time. felt bad for asking off for 8 business days, but family is important. Gotta see my abuela, my mom, and my sis and the girls inc. the new baby! and all the Spanish family. I believe the above paragraph may go out the window, but I dont want it to

Going home this weekend for little Christopher Julian's communion. I'm flying courtesy of Kelly's assistance. Lots to do in 1 weekend. See everyone.

So let's get to what I've been up to:

The weekend of April 1st: got my couches, that saturday, went out with Jasmine and these two guys that were in townIt was struggle getting to them, but fun once I did. We chilled on Bleeker Street. met them at 1849 for a sec then went to some dining place that was kind of nice in the sense that their loud asses in a quiet restaurant-especially Rich who reminded me of Chris Tucker didnt belong haha. oh man. Got some mojitos there and chatted. Then went to a Kareoke bar-the Grisley Pear. It was a spacious room where ppl went to the front to perform. Some favorites were Britney Spears oops I did it again. some gay dude next to me knew all the moves. We drank a lot and had a good time singing along and joking. They came back, met Seth and Peter and passed out.

That Tuesday, the 5th, the CEO sent out an email that said Knicks game tickets-4 tickets. I was the 4th person to respond, and I was excited because I had never been to a professional sporting event and at Madison Square Gardens no less. Christian and I got burger king and then I went with the new guy Joe from another office, Taleb and Christian. We had some baller ass seats too.  We could see Spike Lee sitting courtside. Each one of our tix was like 240.00. Definitely cool. Spent the majority of the time wigging out that I was there and taking pickys. It was against the canadian team: raptors? it was fun watching them score 3 point shots "carmelooooo" I used to like basketball more, but now I think I like football better. Now if I got to go to a giants game that would be awesome. cool experience fo sho! got drinks with talbs and joe after. Joe flirted with a married old lady.
That weekend, I didnt do much. Chris and this other dude came over and we all played card games.

That Monday, the 11th, went to Dewey's with Sheila, where heavy convo occurred. We drank a bunch then drunkenly went to Wendy's where we met seth. Yes all this junkfood was prediet.
Tuesday, Jason and Matt and I went to see the movie, Incidious. I screamed even before we sat down. I drowned myself in popcorn and couldnt take the movie seriously at all bc Matt kept making jokes. It was pretty funny and not that scary at all.
That Thursday, Sheila, Taleb and I went to Seth's wine shop and tried wines and bought margarita stuff. We had margs and chilled at the house, ordered Sushi and drank a lot. pretty fun, then steggs came, drinking games. The next day Taleb was so hungover, he played a homeless man and during lunch tried to recooperate on a bench in the park.
That Friday, my cousin from California and her boyfriend came. they met me at work. We got on the train uptown where two bumbs were jokingly heckeling each other about whether one was a crackhead or a cokehead or what. Fine representation of NY I thought. We got to the Yankees game! I had never been and was really exited. It wasnt exactly what I envisioned for a baseball game. I wanted it to be sunny and sit on the bleachers and get hotdogs and peanuts. After taking pics of all things yankee us in hats and uniforms,  we sat somewhere where there were no seats and they had to give us seats. It was Friday during lent and we're all catholic,so noone got a hotdog (they accidently put meat on the nachos) and it was cold. We were freezing. We got some bomb ass garlic, cheese fries and Melissa and I got to catch up. I was really glad we were hanging out. We were impressed by the gorgeous stadium and our surroundings, but none of us actually knew anything about babseball so after "take me out to the ball game" we left bc we were So cold. Cool experience though.That night, we came over to the house and planned or the night. We drank a little at the house and I was determined to make Tim drunk bc it was his bday.We got a cab to the kareoke place on st marks and while waiting for a private room, we got a good deal on drinks at the Irish place nearby. Bought Tim some nasty drinks like four horseman.  Amie was in town with Jamel too, and I wanted to see her. We all met up at the Kareoke place and sang all night. Seth couldnt come bc he had to work. It was a lot of fun. one of the best songs was "i dont want you back, no even gave him heeead" haha and "i thought i thought a puddy cat i did i did" I did "changes" of course we did killing me softly.
Saturday, I felt nonVIP bc peter forgot to put us on the list at Ippudo, but me and the two couples met there and had a yummy dinner that everyone was impressed with. I forced myself to finish the extra pork belly. Then went times square to haggle my way into some comedy show tickets "cheesecake? why not" to a habibi lounge a chill hookah place that had a deal on hookahs-it was raining and the other place we wanted to go to wasnt open. Got there and got a couple of hookahs, yum, drank a bit, seth joined. Smoked a lot then back to times square. The comedy place, ha! was kind of dumpy, not like dangerfields which is nicer, but it was cheaper and the jokes were funny good mozz sticks too. Pretty good and busy day. Glad I got to chill with them for a good amount of time.

Thursday, the 20th, Seth and I went to a cute little steak place in brooklyn, Destefano's (all thru dinner I was nervous he'd bring up Peter Luger's NY premiere steak place bc in one week for his bday, we'd be going) It was really good. I'd definitely go back. Cool old pictures of owners family on wall as well as old black and white sports pics and such. waitress had a thick brooklyn accent and the owner an older man came by to say hi and give us a sweet shot of somn with dessert, it wasnt a port.
Next day, I went to Eataly with Sheila-Mario Batali's huge mixture of restaurants, and groceries. We ended up just getting proscuitto and bread and wine and went back to her new place where she lives with co-workers and chillen. We had the next day off for good friday, I dont know why, but i wasnt questioning it. I also have never relaly worked with Jews bc a lot of people got a few days off for passover, which I had never seen happen-the getting days off I mean, well i guess i mean both bc ive never seen the passover happen either.

Sarah came that weekend to celebrate Easter with me. the plan was to make each other easter baskets and go to church. We never ended up going to church which sucked. you know you have to get tickets to go to st patricks cathedral? crazy huh. she had never been to Ny but was interested in going with the flow. She has a new man and a one track mind. hes the track that's playing. hah. Anywho, went to Roberta's for lunch, then went to bazaar to pick up a couple things. alway like taking ppl there, its like a hybrid half market half latino discoteque. Kim was in Ct. for a bday party and drove and met us. the old 3 musketeers in Ny-you know from when we were all the best of friends. We went into chinatown as Sarah tried to find a fake fendi bag that does not exist. and we went in and out of little shops. saw a cool store and shopped for a while-necessary clothing or somthing like that. We made our way to little Italy and had canollis yum and then went to midtown and showed them around my office and saw the empire state building and the flatiron from there. they luved it lots of walking though. Kym left and that night Sarah, me, peter and Jasmine went to all you can eat and drink night at the sushi place such a funny and good time. lots of drunken fun and yummy sushi esp. when we did the bombs by pounding on the tables. Sarah wore her "bday sash" and had a good time. She was tired and so we were going home, jasmine didnt want to go home yet and went to a house party with seth and peter, which i found a little odd.
The next day, it was raining and Sarah and I went to Ana Maria's and got authentic NY pizza which was something that she wanted to do, and then walked downstairs and got cheap mani pedis. We got easter basket stuff, i made seth one too and then ordered chinese where it was a little ghetto. then went to the ghetto liquor store where they dont even let you in you just order thru the bullet proof glass. We had fun pregaming and then We grabbed a cab tp libation where Sarah drunkenly told me how proud she was of me and all that and we went to the VIP line and found Kim shortly after and went to the upstairs vip section overlooking the club-Libation. I felt fancy. I would of had a better time i think if I was chillen with ppl i knew or downstairs dancing, but it was cool. Nice to be at a club again. I need to club it up more often. finished the night off with me and sarahs thing, velveeta. Next morning sarah hopped to my room with the easter basket, but I told her my mom always left it right outside my door so she did. I hid hers on top of the cabinets her hungover ass did not appreciate that.Made seth find his too. We stayed in all day making Easter dinner-first time I had made a ham, and the spread was lovely. We watched Harry potter and called it a weekend. Sarah was beat (I didnt feel we had done that much) and I'm glad we got that good time together.

That Tuesday, the 26th, I met Jeanne and her roomate at Stout after work. I told her I wasnt going to get wasted bc I had to work and she wasnt having it. "what are you married?, are ya fucking 45 years old? What do you have to go home and cook dinner?" I intereptued her mid sentence and said to the waitor she was hitting on "2 shots of patron please" she died laughing and I was like there bitch drink. haha. good to catch up with her and then i dipped. ok we'll continue tomorrow. I have a few more events to cover.