Sunday, July 24, 2011


Sometimes I dont enjoy writing here. I think its bc i put it off for so long and I have So much going on here, so therefore a lot to write about that I get bogged down. I tried to catch up a little while I was in Spain, not spin as my last entry said, ive actually fallin off the the wagon and back into eating whatever the hell I want. Spain marked a vacation from my diet. One that I am still on...

So when I was in the airport, I got to write the entry in my notebook about when christian and Joey were here, which was a blast so here I will type all that up b4 moving on.

I'm in Spain! In the Madrid airport. Thought I might have a chance at missing flight because we were on the plane in NY, delayed just sitting there for 2 hours. Damn screaming, crying, hell they were howling babies. Kicking seats, playing with the arm of the chair squeek-squeek, squeek-squeek. Hardly slept. People next to me hated the kids more than I did. The Madrid airport wasn't as complicated as last time. I didn't have to check my luggage again and ride a bus on the interstate to another wing of the airport. Let's hope Joselito and my mom are at the Jerez airport when I arrive. I want a fanta and jamon and an adapter, but I don't yet have Euros. I'm going to go thru the same struggle of damnit why didnt I practice any spanish in the past 2 years, so I don't sound retarded the first few days. I'm excited to see the fam esp. abuela of course and baby Luna! I'll miss Seth. Him and I have to go on an international trip sometime. Sara, Amie and whoever else have thoughts of going to Peru-Lima, Machu Picchu and beach. That's all I know is around there. Joan "Lima's beautiful this time of year." I'm also not as stressed about work as I was when I went a couple of years ago. My stuff is being covered by my colleagues, not piling up. If I can make it to an internet cafe, I'll go through and delete emails so it doesnt look so daunting. Anywho, I didn't bring my computer, but I'll hopefully get to write often as I do when I'm abroad.

Did I already write about me and Seth's anni? I think I did.

On to when Christian and Joey came to visit (May 27th). I've been asking Christian to come forever. I had such an amazing time. Our 2 days were jam packed-but we all had a great time. Bought a painting with Jhart by a NY local and I painted on it a little to make it more colorful. Our house looks more like a home little by little. Wish we had AC but the little window unit works well just in our room.

Anyways, they were delayed in VB by Sprinte r surprise surprise bc a passenger threw a water bottle at the bus driver's head and then the bus driver refused to drive. Anyways, they got there here and while Joey was showering, I gave C the nylon Giants wallet (yes with the plastic sleeve inserts for photos) that I bought. such a kids item that it didnt even have CC slots.
Then, we went to Ana Maria's where J had the best slice of pizza he ever had in his life. We went to my work where they were awed by the view, the wall sized white boards, and the set up joking they were going to change one word on the dry erase board and fuck something up. J: "Dave, I'm gonna need that report by 2 PM." They're funny. We went outside to the Madison "Mad Square food super cutesy where they they have different food stands. They got beer, I got a cannoli against my diet. We took pics in front of the flat iron and of course I had to ask the only guy (well actually, probably not) who didnt speak english and despite his fancy, expensive camera didnt know how to use it, hello tilt the cam and you can get the top of the building in. We laughed in the attempts though so whatever. Went to Seth's wine shop, where they were having their 5 year anniversary where they were tasting 100 wines! I taught them how to properly taste it (they didn't care obviously just wanted to get drunk) and they took a shot of whiskey yeah how to properly taste and also some ways to describe it which they totally butchered while tryin to look snobbish mid laugh.


They had a great time-drank a lot. Then, we went to St. Marks and went to an Irish pub-believe same place I went with Melissa-my cuz. McCabes. Drank a bunch there, C bought sunglasses that broke the next day from a Chinese stand. I gave the boys 4 horsemen, I introduced them to brooklyn lager, we just chilled on the stools and drank. After, we went to Ippudo and got seated right away. We sat across some asian girls and C, drunk asked, weren't there 3 of y'all? haha. imagining people. Had the pork buns and of course they loved the soup. Later, we took a long journey to Rockafeller center. took pics of it and 30 rock rainbow room sign. went to times sq where i was able to get cheap tix for dangerfields. At times sq, there were people holding up "free hugs" signs. I found it kinda odd, but I guess it makes ppl happy/laugh and pehaps could play a part in stopping a person from committing murder by softening their heart and view on mankind, sure why not. C and J only did it bc she had some tig ol biddies. C didn't buy Nikes from times sq, but instead kockoffs from the store right next to my house and hats from the store nearby. til then i didnt know if they fixed shoes, sold shoes, what they did.
Seth met us from work eventually on a corner by Dangerfields, after a long walk and scared the crap out of me. Show was good. We like this joke: "I was talking about Iran and some lady from the audience said, 'it's proniunced E-ron, you should take some time to learn about other ppl's cultures.' So I threw a rock at her and told her not to question a man (and in public?) They joked Christian for not knowing Korean, did some martial arts/asian jokes at one point, the comedian was like, "I luv it when girls get together because you know what girls like to do when they get toegether?" He put the microphone to Seth (who wasn't paying attention) and Seth replied, "weiner." Everyone was rolling. Seth was laughing so hard at his own joke he cried. It was hilarious. the comedian was like "weiner? weiner...?."
Then, we went to Mcsorely's which Joey had heard was a must-do from one of his buddies. It was last call so we only had a couple. Then we went to Boka and had Bon Chon Chicken and drank Soju and beer. Then we went home. That was day 1, yes all day 1.

Day 2: This is the day I became a Mets fan. We went to a Mets game in Citifield and it was everything that I pictured a baseball game to be. It was sunny and warm, we were sitting in the bleachers, drinking beer, eating hot dogs, crackerjack and peanuts. Could it get more American? "Soooooodaa!" yelled the puertorican soda girl to our constant delight. J taught me a little bit about BB since I know nothing. C had a collection of beers going and was almost drunk almost tipping a beer in his hand over while he almost passed out. The boys inc. Seth bc he got to go were really into it. (C is a hardcore Mets fan) and it was a blast...and they won (against the phillies) such a good time.
Then, we rested a bit and set out to the Roberta's party, but they wouldnt let anyone else in. So after unsuccessfully standing around, we went to a sure bet: all you can eat and drink sushi. J & C kept saying, "call me" and "crassie" (crazy) to everyone. At Sushi, we heckled (is that the right word)? some Phillies fans and then did saki bombs with them while getting stared at. Fun as always. Left Donnie a VM saying I missed his ass.
Then, we went to fat cats-the place that has games and jazz. We played shuffleboard which was so fun. I was on C's team and I don't really know who won because of a premature end on J's part. C & I still celebrated. Then, we went to Down the Hatch, and C and I danced a bit, C and I played beer pong against incumbants and won!!! I suck at beerpong but not that night. I even sunk the last cup. Seth was so proud of me.
then J and S beat us. whatever. we saw a pimp later that night too.
Then, we took a cab home, voted not to go to Yuri's deli and as soon as C & I got out of the cab, simultaneously projectile vomited on the streets. Good times.
Next day, we were worthless and then they went home. Memorable memorial day weekend.

Ok that's all that I had to transcribe. Moving on to June!
6/2 went to Dewey's with Sheila, Taleb and Jason-pretty fun, learning more about everyone..
Friday 6/3 Went to Dewey's with Jhart-also fun, guy next to us some of our leftover food and they were fun to joke with
Sat and Sun-Governors island! saturday day. Rode our bikes to downtown brooklyn-think it was my first time riding bikes in NYC (another time we met Robbie at a bar-some girl who was dancing but looked as if she was emerging from a cacoon) then took a ferry to the beautiful governor's island. Bunch of old Colonial Williamsburg houses that no one lives in, odd, but curious public art, views of the statue of liberty and where little man mande beach, among the city backdrop. Very fun biking around. great time. then that night Jeanne came over and we had delicious, delicious steaks and veggies while watching daily show and colbert. Did we go out that night?

6/6 went to an invite only internet party fro technology week with Seth. Random, walked around, went to a booth where we had to share a quote, "smooth move, ferguson"-from 30rock, got wrist bands for free food, yummy rickshaws dumplings, some mexican food, pizza and had a few free drinks. Seth and I were flirting with each other, it was cute. not that successful at networking, but not that concerned as I didnt go there for my job anyways, but bc seth got free tix from his friend.

6/7 Sheila and I went to Olive garden, drank a bit. btw everyone here (bc a lot of them are italian) think the OG is gross. Granted, it may not be authentic, but it is damn good. Anyways, hung out and had food/drinks at the bar and you won't guess what happenned next?? We left and Sheila was crossing the road, I went to catch up with her and at that very moment a few feet away stood PAUL RUDD. Paul mothafuckin Rudd and I just stared at each other for seconds. His gf or pesky wife whatever she was was hailing a cab, the streets were empty and for a moment time just stood still for me and Paul. His shaggy hair, messy beard. mmm. What did I do. NDT. Not a damn thing. Epic fail! I stood there like a deer in the head lights, and then walked away and cought up with Sheila. OMG, I didn't take a picture, ask for an autograph, smile, wink, hope on him, nothing. nothing. sigh. Once in a lifetime and I failed. miserably. I've always thought he was hot as hell. cute in a quirky way, ever since clueless. It was my shot to do something, and i did nothing, Sigh....

6/8 Went to the wine shop with Sheila and Amy then went over to Sheila's for a while to continue the drinkin.
6/9 Went to Seth's work where they were having BBQ, Bourbon, and Bluegrass and ate amazing comfort foood, tried some expensive bourbon, and listened to the fun band and then proudly watched Seth play along with them. Really fun and yummy.

6/10-6/12 Seth's boys-Sean, Greg "mm fat legs"(-said a gay, black man to him in NY ) Hogan, Calamari and Ade came to visit. Went to Highline park, an old railroad/subway station converted to a park, walked around there which was cool, went to a beer garden, saw a big blow up thing and went inside took turns in pairs jumping up and down in it, chasing each other like children, got icies, went to prospect park? and saw andrew bird, pretty much it was in the background amongst the we ed smell and drinkin beers/flasks on a blanket while hanging out with mayumi and her friends. eventually met robbie and liz, got pizza, not sure what we else we did. I know they went to a Coheed show for their guys night or was that saturday afternoon? not sure. This was during the Prican day parade weekend. The 2nd largest parade after the Macy's Thanksgiving day Parade. I am absolutely certain that my landlord's store was the headquarters for the whole thing. Selling a million dollars in PR gear, including a PR flag jersey that Sean bought. Both Seth and Sean could fit into it. and if I ever have to hear the bonita bandera song, "que bonita bandera, que bonita bandera, que bonita bandera, esta bandera, puerto riquena!" I will shoot a bitch. All the boys tried to sing it. Anyways, Jeanne came over (that's where I left the last entry) and so did Jasmine. It was late while we were pregaming, but we went out to the woods and had a pretty good time. Picklebacks were discovered that night. its a shot of whiskey chased by pickle juice. ew. J and A were dancin and such which is an odd odd combo, but hey whatever works.

6/14 Seth and I went to Destafano's the really great steakplace in brooklyn, then went to Trivia night at Brooklyn Winery. We did really well-3rd place despite the fact that it was just us two.

6/16 Jasmine had her bday thing. It was a Thursday, and we went to 1849, she finally got there late as hell with her coworkers from her dubious job, and Seth met us up. Then, we went to Bar none, which was fun, and I gave jasmine mad shots, at this point Peter had joined, but we stayed out late late. I went to work the next day worthless. I never do that. I can't hang at all anymore.
Seth and I both had to work early and had a big ol fight the next day bc we were so tired. Him and I fight like normal couples do, but im blamin this one on lack of sleep and stress. Think this day, we just slept.

6/18 saturday-no idea
6-19 (father's day) biked to the brooklyn food flea market with Seth and got some Mexican food there, then took the East river Ferry for free and took a river tour of an upclose look at the main bridges- Williamsburg, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. Sooo cool. such a good time. Then we got dropped off at Wallstreet, did not have the luck getting back home as we did getting on the boat, so we biked home, which included: biking on the Williamsburg bridge which I've been wanting to do! Felt proud afterwards, What a good day. Pretty sure according to my calendar, we had steaks this day too. Next day, we had buffalo shrimp.

6/21, i packed and then ...6/22 half day at work and I took a cab to the airport and it was time for ESPANA! Now, I was there for 12 days and some stuff is family stuff, so bullet points will have to do. But I have to leave it there. Here's hoping that next weekend is somewhat uneventful, so I can reflect more! Also, here's hoping for a great week!