Sunday, February 6, 2011

February 6, 2011

Its the superbowl but instead of going to watch 2 teams packers and steelers I don't give a poo about since we watched the giants and then the jets (almost made it) lose, I think I'll stay home and enjoy some down time. Havent had much sinse I started the job. Other day I was having a snack, sitting on the toilet and talking with my mother. . .

Job's going well. Have been there a month on the 10th. This new guy Matt, started with me on the same day, so we get to be new together. The first week was really slow and it was a struggle waking up so early, but now the days go by so quickly. 830-630 every day. I work for an IT Consulting company, Bluwolf (we'll call it BW). I work in the IT resourcing department as a recruiter. The outside sales reps go to meetings and get job "reqs" that we the recruiters have to fill. So say there is a Major League Bas eball (MLB) position and they need a level 2 helpdesk person. I by reviewing resumes, calling and research find candidates that would be ideal to those positions. It's a lot easier in my opinion than International government sales, and not as muti-dimensional as ADS, but it is still demanding. Its fast paced and I stilll feel like im slow. The days start off by going to "pipe" at 9 AM, where everyone discusses all of the opportunities that they are working on. I currently have 9 and most to all are moving meaning that something is happening with them and hopefully what that something is is that they are on their way to closing. I came really close to closing a deal on Friday, and hopefully my 1st deal will close tomorrow. The CEO came in on the day b4 my birthday and on my birthday and came down on everyone for why there were so little resumes submitted to this deal, or why we werent doing something to close the deals etc--i had all my defenses ready. It stressed everyone out and everyone is more ontop of their shit than b4. Everyone works really hard there and stays passed 6 most of the time. I dont have time to eat a lot of times and I just wolf something down that I brought from home.the culture of the place is cool though, though they might give you shit if they feel youre not performing 100%, they give you a whole lot of positive reinforcement. Like the day b4 my birthday, I asked if I could go to my birthday lunch and Kim (my boss), wendy is my boss boss, said that I could, I was soo swamped on my birthday, that I felt that I couldnt enjoy it f i went so i didnt eat at all. Kim said that my hard work was not going unnoticed. I don't get that many resumes in a day (goals are: 50 calls, 10 resumes daily), but the ones i do are usually really good and Kim gives me the hard ones bc she knows i'll find people. I usually get in my call quota though. I get up at 7 something, leave house at 750, M train comes at 8 and im there at 830 ish. Then I work all day (Matt and I dont know how everyone talks that much and gets their shit done, amybe i'll get there one day) and then leave at like 6 or 630, get home at 7 something. Make dinner, clean a little, iron for the next day, shower, maybe watch a show with Seth or the golden girls, or Spartucus (started up again!) and then bed to do it all over again. Pretty exhausting but im excited to be working again. The culture of the place is everyone is young and really talkative folks, people cuss, you can wear whatever you want and everyone is friendly and willing to help. 1st week there the company paid for us to get a small room in a japanese restaurant where we got free sushi, beer and kareoke. I felt right at home. Everyone was drunk and singing lean on me while leaning on each other, dancing on the couches, it was fun. We went out again the other night after our companies open house and it was a good time too. They are all going to cancun in March all except me and matt bc we started in 2011. We just missed it! Hopefully we get that friday and Monday off to do whatever. The location of where I work is fabulous! I work in the Flatiron district in Manhattan off of 5th avenue. We have the highest floor 21st floor, the penthouse suite with open windows surrounding us. Perfect view of the flatiron building and madison square park and the empire state building, etc. So exciting. Everyone jokes me for saying words like "yall" and I joke them for cwaffee instead of coffee. I ran into the glass door the other day, in front of all of the recruiters..they all died. It was pretty bad haha. I felt like those birds on the windex commercials who run into the glass bc it left a streak free shine (just about anyone can appreciate haha).

So what else? My sister had her baby Luna! and she named her Luna Stelle which was my pick. Born in Italy just like me and almost on my birthday-January 24, 2011 on my favorite year-11 is my favorite number no less. So excited. cant wait to see the cute little thing. I saw her today on gchat, but I want to see her in person. Will probably be 6 months I would say. Eva had Lola when she was 26... one year till im at that age, oh man. I just dont think I wantto have one until I'm 30. crazy how time goes by. Im going to go to sicily and then go to Spain with Rebee.

This has probably been the longest time since I have been without seeing my family. Well maybe not.. not sure how long I went when I was at JMU.

So Amie came to visit Tara with her other teacher friends. She was able to get away and we had a fancy dinner at SD26-pretty pricey Italian place next to my work. Im no good at fancy places. Maybe its bc i feel like im putting on a front. Amie couldnt pronounce any of the food names and the wine menu was on an ipad. She tried to break off a piece of the breadstick and it flew across the next table. It was over no need to pretend like we belonged there..time to break out the camera and take pictures of the food. In this case, a lobster salad and a bass? trout? some kind of fish. It was good and it felt nice to dine with her. We met up her friends for a lame improv comedy show and we went to a bar afterwards. Kinda awkward bc i knew they wanted her to theirselves and only one of three was really trying to have a good time, Amie was mad at them bc they wanted to stay in, in NYC. Seth popped in and we left. amie will come back and just visit me so we can lose our damn minds together.

I got a smartphone.. had to for work. They're paying for it too, may my beautiful and loyal (3 years) flip phone rest in peace...It is kinda cool what this phone can do. It has an awesome camera too, which i used to take pictures on the trees in Madison Square park dressed in heavenly snow. So pretty.

A little over this cold weather. so fucking cold and always snowing or wintry mix-ing or something. I feel like its always all hazy and I havent seen the sun in a while.

I hate seeing bums. I have some money now, so if i see one, I'll give to them. It's a sad thing and I dont think that thay all got there bc they were lazy or drug addicts or something negative like that.

Other day, met with a couple of Peter's friends and had all you can eat sushi and drinks off of 1st ave. somewhere, we made pigs out of ourselves mmmm. then went to mayumis where we played kings and hot seat with foreign people and hipster girls that shit was hilarious. One question from the Korean dude, have you ever had sex with the butt? hipster girl: yes. Korean: ooooo, that is good! just shit like that Seth was on the floor dying. Apparently its trendy in the hipster community to not shave their armpits... im spanish, that shit would be a hot mess if I attampted to pull it off.

Spartacus is back! Yay-uh.

My birthday started out real crappy at work, but when I got home it got better then not great then better again. Work was not fun and then I got home and seth and peter had been off that day and he decorated. I was starved and dinner was no where near ready. So i caught up with people, Sarah accidently forgot my birthday and felt like shit about it, altho her card did get here on time. I got to talk to my sister on my birthday that was good and actually most of my family members and most of my friends. Then we had buffalo shrimp and 30rock and then Seth didnt put on Golden girls (thats what he bought me! got it a couple days later and he bought me 25 roses 22 yellow and 3 pink for the years we had celebrated together :) and i thought he got snappy about the cake (bc he wanted to decortae without me seeing) and i thought he was saying that he didnt want to take me out the next day and I felt like the day was already over so i got upset and sensitive as i always do on my birthday. Seth settled me down and i went back in the living room and blew out the candles. The cake was soooooo yummy. Chocolate decadence with cream cheese frosting so good. Then i think we watched an episode of teh golden girls and probably cuddled?

The next day at work, I took my lunch break. Seth who was off again after working for 20 some odd days straight took me to a super fancy joint where everyone except us were in suits talking about deals and investments. It was restaurant week but still ended up being like 90 bucks, usually 2 can dine for 200-300 bucks. We had filet mignon, gourmet fries, ceasar salad, cheesecake and cabernet. So good! Great time and felt a little buzzed coming back in to work. That night we had a cutsey tv and dinner night. fun! that was that thursday.

On that fri, I was exhausted, but Mayumi and Fiona came over to go out and I was not not going out on my birthday weekend so went to some bar in Brooklyn and had some drinks there, then went to a party in Mayumis apt complex , robbie came and one of mayumis friends. It was whatever. Most fun part was dancing to 80s music later on in the night like fools. Stayed up til 4 and then April who decided on a whim to come came at 7 something. We went to Roberta's for pizza, shopping around here, i got a 13.00 dress for the night, went to Magnolia bakery mmm in greenwhich village, walked around and ate at CK14, the crooked knife, gt beers and then came back and met with jeaane. got ready went out to soiree, expensive. met some guys there who got us drinks i think i was the only one that drank it and i was drunkskies. danced a littlem jeanne found out the guy she was mackin on was engaged and then we got locked out bc i forgot my keys. seth drank wine and was wasted curled up on the air mattress like a cacoon and coulnt hear us. It was cold and 430 in the morning, i had a hair covering on like a muslim and my tights had shimmied to my knees, the cops were fucking with us and jeanne told them to shuttup while april was ranting about how we were going to get raped. Peter came home and we were saved. The cacoon never had a clue. We ordered Anytime and i puked a couple of hours later, such a bitch.

We went to Little Italy the next day and had awesome food with a funny ass waiter-forget the name. Food was cheap and good in a pretty nice restaurant where we had the place to oursleves and they played 80s? 90s? love rock jams? We dropped April off at the bus stop and then went to a really busy bar, Stout and then made plans to see a show in brooklyn, "Perfect place to tak your redneck friend from Virginia" hahah. We were taking a train towards Coney Island and Jeanne read, "coney island" out loud. B4 we knew it we were like "fuck it, lets go to Coney Island. 30 stops and an hour later we were there. I was expecting to see zombies roaming an abandoned theme park, but no such luck. instead we could see a dar ferris whell in the distance, made our way to soem rediculously fancy restaurant and then found a place, footprints and ordered some chicken. it was an all black bar and we were the only white-"ish" people. you know i never claim to be white, but im not black either. after chicken we got back on the train and went home. random as hell. we made plans to meet the next day, but she got 1 150? dollar ticket, couldnt find parking and went home. That monday, Seth and I went to the food tasting metromix party jeanne got us on the list for and ate for free to our hearts content.

Bought Radio City Music Hall gipsy king tickets! For valentines day (actually the 16th but whatever). Got orchestra seats. expesive, but how often will i get to do that?

Dont knwo if I told you that Seth got that job at Union Square Wines. so 2 jobs for Seth. He's still applying for a "real job" though.

Not sure what else is exciting... hmm oh well if i think of it, im sure youll hear.