Tuesday, January 25, 2011

last day of being 24

in 3 hours EST, I will officially be 25. Remember how old that sounded when we were little, or even younger. 25 was old, and tomorrow, I will be that age. by the transitive property, that means that i will be old. 1 quarter of a century. my 1/4 of my life has probably passed. I want to live to be 100. Pretty solid number. The US has a pretty low life expectancy, so i guess ill have to age in Japan- apparently eating live/raw fish keeps you alive longer? Do not know. I remember turning 19. I wrote over and over in the minutes b4 turning 19, "I am 18 years old, I am 18 years old." I have fear of time escaping me and as I get older, I feel more and more doors are closing. Like when you were little, everything was possible. But now I will never be a major league football player, a ballerina, not that i want to be, but the point is, the option isnt there anymore. I have such an issue with a life unlived, and growing old and being bitter because I didnt do all the things i wanted. However, I know I'm living part of my dream now. Im in New york city. Even though work is just work, as a shuffle in the cold to the subway to be a part of the huddled masses on the R train and then the L, I look around and I see the empire mothafuckin state building. more than I can say for VB. So I know im living, but you know me, I just want to squeeze the shit out of life, and live very deliberately.

alright im done with the thoughtful notes on turning 25-mid 20s. I know in the grand scheme of things im still a baby, and i know 30+ year olds would roll their eyes if i had any 30 year old old hag for friends that would read this! obviously joking. If I feel depressed in the future, I'll just keep watching my episodes of sex and the city and then Golden girls- they are all older and ALL just kickin it!

Monday, January 17, 2011


Just thought of this in the shower

Though I am the pilot of my life, it is He who impacts the skies.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


I got a job. I start tomorrow at 10. Wild, I know. We'll get there. So ever since I last wrote, Seth and I went to a bunch of free wine tastings of expensive wines. Its pretty fun to do and I get buzzed quick. Daniel from VB was in town and joining in the thousands of New yorkers who all dress up like Santa Clause and walk the city. Pretty amusing. He joined us for one of the wine tastings. It's fun to go to the tastings with Seth since he actually kind of knows what he's talking about and can make convo with the wine host. ususally end up buying a bottle or two.

Found a new place to get my salmon sashimi fix=Iron Sushi II. mmm such big pieces for cheap.

We finally hung out with Seth (more Evans friend) Robbie, and met his gf too. They came over and we watched standups and drank. We rather enjoy doing that. Its easy and cheap-just like Blanche Deveroux. Watch a lot of the GG's.

Jeanne came into town with her new "soulmate" that girl has more soulmates than Dr. Scholl? He was kinda douchey and they're not talking anymore. He and his friends were very self proclaimed punk rocky with their little pins and such. Went to a dive bar and the highlight of that was getting to do the twist and just dance around to oldies. We went back to one of their places and I liked just being able to chill with her and catch up. it had been a while since we chilled, even though we keep in touch. Next time we chill, we said it would just be us at a club dancing.

At some point, Saarah and Hakeem from the Paragon NYC marathon expo came over and we had so much fun. I baked cookies and we drank and played kings, while listening to my money playlist. Saarah outed Hakeem to us, even though we knew and I was surprised about some other details of that while playing never have I ever during kings. The night ended with some deadly Chinese liquor from an unmarked bottle from the fridge. Seth puked into his cup-ew and hakeem yammied as well. Saarah took it like a man. Then Seth played a little violin and that scared the two into going back home. jk, they were leaving already. Good times. Just found out Saarah will be leaving for Germany this month as she got an internship in Germany with Addidas-crazy life this is.

I had been job searching in the form of looking at postings online and then writing down the deadlines of ones I was interested in. I had only applied to one-wounded warriors-felt that my ADS experience and desire to work at a NP could be combined. I then got distracted when Lea (the french girl that alex went cross country with) came up for a few days. No one was here and being how i am,  I felt that I had to entertain her, but dont get me wrong, I enjoyed it. She was mad cool and independent. She's a lot more trusting than I am-meeting someone once and then going to stay with them in Boston, etc. I felt like I had known her for a while.We went to times square area and the m&ms place. i looked for the crispy ones for seth but they have been discontinued indefinitely. We got ana marias pizza and got lost a lot in the cold, laughed a lot, shopped a bit. Her and I went with this guy Phillip that she met at Joshua Tree (in a car!) to Brooklyn Boulders- a climbing gym with those colorful things on the rocks. They were experienced-not I, but i caught on pretty quickly and wasnt bad. It was a really cool experience. They even harnesses me up and I climbed to the very top of one. Damn sore the next few days. Went to the Bushwick Country club after and saw the first snow! then by Phillip's recommendation, watched "Let the Right one in" some Swedish Vampire movie. The next day, I spent researching companies that would be at the career fair we were going to. That night we watched one of the finest movies of all time, "The Human Centipede" Ass to mouth lol. We chose that movie to be the representative of American movies to our foreign guest haha. We drank everytime anything ridic happenned-often, and played card games where I was doing awesome. Pretty damn cold, like 6 degrees...
Snow wasn't bad at all.

Next day, Seth and I went to the career fair. Got there a little late and the wind was fierce. Had unexpected little mini interviews with only a few companies-like some NPs, after some left very early. Dropped my resume off by Blue wolf's just for the heck of it. Spoke to a recruiter and told her, I had worked a career fair to, so i knew how exhausted she was. She took an interest in that. After Seth and I thought the career fair to be a bit of a dissapointment, I got an email the next day asking for an interview with Blue wolf for the Recruiter position. Seth was hatin' on me a little because he thinks that it comes so easy to me. I was super nervous and slept awful. I was tired as crap during the interview with 3 sep. people, but it went rather well. The company seems cool as shit-young, work hard play hard mentality, take vacay whenever as long as you get your shit done, take the M train minutes only and walk a couple blocks to get there, nice part of the city-flatiron district-saw the amazing flatiron building! Wasnt sure that I loved the position exactly, but I dont know. So that day, as I was on the Sprinter bus home-they were late as usual, but the ride was fine, Blue Wolf called and said that they luved me and if I could go in tomorrow-I was on a bus so.... they would meet with me after the new year.

Went home for Christmas for a week. Seth was gonna come home for the first time too, just later. I spent the first couple of days Christmas shopping. Chris and Alicia got a new dog-very American name that I am against-Max. Cute little puppy that looks like Mooney, only a dog instead. My favorite present I gave this year was for Emman. I bought a frame and printed out the best selection of pics from New York.  he liked it he said it was thoughtful. Mom like her evil eye bracelet, and of course Chris liked his lotto tix. Mom and Dad got new cell phones. Mom and Dad paid for my loan this month and this was the first year in a while,I didnt wrap my own gifts and was surprised. Got some Chris Rock standups and giftcards. It was the year of the GPS. Emmanuel went Christmas shopping for the first time in his favorite store Macy's. Eva and the girls didn't come : ( Seth 's family bought me a bunch of things like slippers, blanket, jewelry box, scarves, candy coal in my stocking and pumpkin pie. Seth got a guitar, which we've been using to sing. Even made a funny video where we're singing a new Decemberists song and I'm hiccupping the whole time! I got Seth m&m minis, exp. wine, wine glasses and a tie. He got me a giraffe painting from a union square artist and a Bradshaw Giants jersey that i still dont have. It was a nice Christmas, despite opening our presents super late due to company. Lunch was really good as always, and Seth came over and watched a Christmas Carol with me after he came and got me from hanging with Kelly and Court bc of the bad snow. Snow ruined my plans to go out to eat with the girls at Olive Garden and then see Seth's friends at Lendy's. I only got to see the girls-except for Casey at Hedy's. We had a brunch and exchanged ornaments-I know I felt like we were 50. Had a lot of fun eating yummy french toast with them. Hedy cheered and then Sarah M. said a prayer and started crying. I rudely, said are you serious right now and that got some chuckles. pretty amusing when I later said to her, Sarah youre not going to cry during the ornament exchange are you ha. Reminds me of when I was cutely talking to Mooney and my dad said, Mooney cant talk, he's just a baby. hahaha. He always says funny stuff like that usually only to the receptive ears of Emman and I who crack up so hard when he makes his ususally more subtle dad jokes... So yeah Brunch and then chillen with the girls after was fun. Steven and I went to Keagan's and it wasnt as fun as it usually was seeing him-maybe we're running out of things to say? I dont know. Sarah and I did lunch at Yama one of the days excited about her trip to NYC-she didnt end up coming bc of the snow, but that's probably for the best since she'll be coming in March. Christian and I went to Chick no pick and saw Kim there. Christian talked about how he wanted to go with Julian and just go on tour. I full fledge support that boy. he shipyard will always be there. Then we got lottery tickets and I won $20! He said, I love how we always find shit to do. hahah. lov that kid. Went out with the fam and Kristen and April one of the nights to guads, which was eh and then kelly's that was more fun. Peter Cerwinski was in town and I met his 200th girlfriend. Seth's friends were there like Ben. Played pool and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Fun night. Got taco bell after as always. Went to Yama again with Alex and Aid and Seth and met Aids new girl. Ate a lot of Christmas leftovers. Felt like I did more during thanksgiving break, but still fun.

Then I got back to NYC and kelly came with, and went to long island to see fam b4 spending the new year with us. Seth had the work the next day, there was a dispute about what the "inside seat" of a bus is. and I lost Seth's phone that he's had for 3 years. He was phoneless for a week but now is the new proud owner of a verizon Droid Incredible. I don't really care about that stuff, but that's cool that someone I'm usually with can look stuff up if need be. The commute back with the out of service trains and the walk back in the 20 some odd inches of snow/slush with a rolly was Hell. Sucked a whole lot.

Kelly came and made a comment about making out with Peter at 12-all four of us were going to the Brooklyn Winery for NYE. all you can eat and drink for 85 bucks. On new years Eve, we went to check out the Rockafeller center and tree, took a pic with Dora, went to NBC store and looked at 30Rock Merch and then shopped for Red undies. Then, we went to Roberta's that Kelly loved.
We got dolled up and went to the winery. 3 rooms-one dancing room that no one was really dancing in with a photo booth that we had a blast at, party hats-seth's spanish farmer hat, the room you walked into that had a jazz band and pulled pork and such, and a spanish room with spanish wine, chorizo and JAMON SERRANO! mmmm good shit. We stayed there for a minute. It was fun, just being silly like slow dancing with kelly, watching seth's face transform into the distinct, drunken one and lots of eating. Then at 12, we did the grapes and I dropped one, but picked it up and kept going. Still had 2 left when it was new year. Seth half assed kissed me while focusing his attention on kelly and Peter who were eating each other's faces...and repeatedly  throughout the night. Seth looked like a proud papa. anywho, we kept partying and everyone had a really good time. Dont remember the cab ride home at all.
So new years was fun, but just wasnt the same without being at home with the fam or without having Sarah around. The girls all went to watermans.

Kelly had to leave and I was hella hungover with my first wine hangover and after attempting to eat bacon, toiletside, puked in the tub. yummy. its funny a lot of people start off the new year in the worst way.

So I had my 2nd interview, with the director of sales and you know its going to be a good interview when you start off by talking about Voyage of the Mimi haha. So that went well and after finding my way back home, I got an offer for 40K plus commission, and I accepted.

Since then, we watched the Giants beat the redskins, but not get into the playoffs bc the packers beat the bears... really pissed off. but yesterday, we saw the Jets beat the Colts in such an exciting game! super fun to watch. Robbie came to that in Greenpoint, BK. We also went out the other night with people that Peter works with to St marks and ate some good food then went to the kinds of bars i dont like where youre screaming so that poepl can hear you, and one of his friends amatuerly read my palm and she was cool, this spanish guy was cool but quiet and the other guy, gasian Lance was as obsessed with the golden girls as I am! We talked about them for a good while. How fun. Our favorite is Dorothy. Oh Bea. Pretty fun night.

Seth and I spend a lot of our time making food here and watching Sliders haha. Quinn or Mr. Mallory, Ms. Wells or Wade, The Professor and Rembrandt, Mr. Brown, Remmi, or the crying man are a part of our life now haha.

I got alicia on gchat and I spoke to my sister that way too after chris set it up for her "I can heAR you, jackass" lol. Her belly is huge and she is going to pop any day now. well i think the 24th actually.

Ive made goals that i want to do everyday, bc there's a;ways things that Iwish I did, but if you dont make yourself do them, they arent going to happen. such as eat better, workout (gilad is my fave), read everyday, read the news, drink more water, talk to one good friend. things like that. right now i think that i talk to my mom and Sara the most and Ive gotten closer to them. anyways these things are important and hopefully, Ill keep up with them as I work.

Im excited about not having to worry that much about money-although I still have money left, and excited about diving in and just doing it and getting to live more. I didnt look for a job very hard at all, and I hope that everything works out for the best. I will have to do some volunteer work on the side like mentor a child to get my volunteering-being a good person-you dont have to do everything but do something fix.Its funny bc i'm still not thru with the Alchemists and I kind of feel like im going against some of the teachings there, but we shall see if this job makes me happy and what it all brings. Seth, we think is going to get an offer to work part time at union square wines bc paragon only gives everyone 4 days, which would be good and bad. I'd definitely get to see him a lot less and I fear that he will get stuck in a rut or lose steam at looking for other things on his only day off. We shall see.

Ok well I'm nervous and excited about tomorrow. Hopefully I can get okay sleep tonight and the commute will go well. Ttys.