Monday, January 16, 2012

January 14th, determined to catch up =)

So I have to finish or start November and finish until now. I don't care how long it's taking me! I'm getting caught up!

I seem to remember specific occurances like -went to football games, but when it comes to things that are not defined within one specific calendar day i.e. brother is getting a divorce or best friend is lesbian and we just finished talking about MtF sex changes for fun. both statements true and may never be mentioned...

Apparently on Nov. 1 I got a personal trainer. haha she called me 3 times yesterdat bc i have been MIA from my expen$ive 80 bucks a month 50 bucks for a hlaf hour training sessions. But for a while there I was going at least 3 times a week with work husband Jason. Havent been in a month now, since I got sick in Dec and then went home and then didnt want to deal with the new years resolutions crowd, but now I have no excuse except that i work 12 hr days now that we're super busy at work. more changes were made with management and splitting the teams in 2, that our team is swamped, busy busy.

Going home for my bday, the 26th. It will be my golden bday. turning 26 on the 26th. Nutty. How old. Gotta pop out those kids in like 4 years or so. 

So yeah the personal training has been cool and hard-hurts so good. i like the 30 min sessions more bc well... theyre 30 min not an hour of torture. if i havent already described lisa, shes nice, has thick covered dreads and I dread going lol. feels great after of course. still too expensive-got a little guilted into doing it. im in sales, but the sales pitch worked. I have 2 more sessions b4 the next guilt trip into brokedom.

November 4th weekend: April was in from Tennessee for work so friday, her seth and I went to all you can eat and drink sushi and had a good ole time. then went to Beauty Bar where we danced around in the back area. there, in the bathroom, a random chick went in with april and did a line of coke off her. In another should have been bathroom story, April got back to my apt and puked her brains (and seaweed) out into my non-disposal having kitchen sink. we were very drunksies. 

Next day, we wanted to do brunch-it's NYers favorite meal and one I rarely do on purpose. We went to a cutesy spot, Penelope's and had yummy, yummy omelets and nutella french toast and oj served with a side of hope the 2 hr wait was worth it. Which it was bc we walked around the city to my work and seths work in the meantime. But yes, penelopes is popular and very cute. I have some other spots that seth and  I need to try. I had the hankering for one of those omelets the other day and Seth and I made some bomb ones. 
We dropped off her car at Laguardia, filling up on gas was an adventure in our race against the clock, one-Im never in cars in NY, 2-where the hell is the nearest gas station and luckily spotted one right away and 3 what button do you press to open the gas thing?? oh, you just pull it out. i see. ha. We bused it back and went to the gym. Stayed in that night and watched, Diary of a nymphomaniac, of course it was a foreign film.
Next day, april woke me up at the butt crack of dawn-yes 10 am-(hey i wake up early as balls to be at work even earlier now 8:15) to attend a bootcamp class at the gym. now i know better than to attend any class called bootcamp. She did burpees, while I went at my own pace on the elliptical. Later, we went to watch the bills and jets at Muhollands outside, which had the game on mute, but playing nelly and other oldish school. good combo. 

Felt sick and missed the next day musta been the assorted twice fried wings and nacho cheese ranch and such coupled with the fact that the ppl behind me were smoking a potent blunt of maryJ in my face. ew. I took Veteran's day off bc emman was coming into town-this is his 2nd home-he's buying a house by the way near where courtney and christian and joey live. It was 11.11.11 the day I always said that I would get married bc it was my favorite number -11 that is not 111111 and Amie always said we wanted something big to happen. Anyways she wanted to come up so we could celebrate this historical and significant day together but to no avail. It was a little sad actually, i mean im not ready for marriage or babies but the thought that we made this date out to be so significant the least we could day is play and we didn't but we thought of each other all day. it will always be our day :) guess we have to pick different days to get married on-im honing in on one- never. ha. according to seths mom, it will be in 2 years and we'll start bearing children immediately following. dream on lady haha jk luv her.

So what did I do on the all important 11.11.11, what else? We went to Harlem. 
Emman, Ade, seth and I went discovering. We started by seeing the outside of the Apollo where many like Chris Rock have performed and ended by seeing the outside of the cotton club, which was most disappointing and lacking dubbing anything anticlimactic as "cotton club" In between we saw some old churches from the outside, spent the majority of our energy climbing a hill to a gorgeous castle-looking school, walked around the school's campus-city university of NY?, walked by a couple other cool streets one sign said "walk your horses", saw a sign that said, "Hi, Everybody this is Big Al & I am inviting you to My Birthday Party Nov. 10th, 2011 from 10pm until 3:45am Lady's Lady's Lady's first 50 lady's in P.J.s I am Buying you a Drink" pretty fun time walking around. Ade carried himself with the confidence as if he owned the place. haha.
Earlier for lunch, we had Roberta's and for dinner we went to a great Chinese place named after a place in China-Shanghai Cafe in China town, recommended by a real-live Chinese person. Delicious and cheap, without great care towards service, but yummy dumplings above all. Then we got cannolis from the lesser commercialized Ferrara. Then we went to Robbie's house in Greenpoint where he was having a bit of a party and played card games with some of his friends. The funniest guy adorned a Movember moustache and played fuck the dealer with us. he kept being the dealer and he kept being fucked. we were like psychics with numbers that night-shoulda played the lottery. it was so funny seeing him all worked up and slamming cards and then saying ok ok one more round while emman laughed. then we went downstairs to wait for everyone to go to the woods and there was a stoner from the party talking about jamaicans and how his girlfriend was jamaican and how they dont eat shellfish... or pussy. who the hell knows, he was hilarious. We were at the woods for 15 minutes? b4 Ade got kicked out for bringing a tall can from home inside. Emman wanted to go anyways so worked out.went to ana marias then home.

Saturday, Emman Ade and I we went to Juniper cafe which everyone was very impressed with-the kind of silence while eating good altho im almost always like that seth and i not need make small talk during dining. I got the mussels even tho not in mood for them and they were delish. Emman got the rib sandwich and Ade got a burger. Very good and cheap. Great service.We dropped off Emman at bus stop then Ade went and explored and I went home. That night me seth ade went to a cool local old timey looking theatre, the Nitehawk, and watched a movie that haunted my dreams for days-one word. disturbing. okay two words. disturbing and vaginoplasty. i feel like ive written that word on here before. Again, another foreign film. Next day, went to Mohulland's again which was annoying bc we were playing the 49ers, ade is a 49ers fan and so appeared to be the majority of the ppl we were standing near... Seth and Ade went to a Jets game that night.

 Next day, Monday Seth an I went to Carnegie Hall! The Carnegie Hall- best known for the residence of the bird lady from Home Alone. Said to be a hall with perfect acoustics. We saw American Born, Joshua Bell who did the entire soundtrack for the Red Violin and known as one of the world's best violinists. My favorite was a Chopin song he finished his concert with. We were supposed to party with him the other day, but didn't end up happening.

I can't think of what I did the weekend of the 18th, Seth and I brought wine to Sheilas? That coulda been another night. Pretty sure I was drunk at Sheila's and that's the last time I remember being drunk there. Either way, I went to the gym-I'll stop with that detail, just know I went and now I don't, but I will, and we went to TJ. Havent been in a while.

On 11/22 at 4 PM saw a hawk with Jen Ramos at MS Park, rode the bus-sat by a cool girl who I watched  I think this one only brokedown for an hour or so, I went home Oct, Nov, Dec, and I'm going home Jan. Got there on Wed. and went for a walk with momma dukes, ate Chick no Pick, rode bikes with Emman around lagomar in the sunset skies, day felt as if we were not in Virginia Beach during and in the present day, but rather somewhere else. We threw Quebec out there and it seemed about right. 
Then Sarah, Amie and her friend Julia came over and we got our 80's gear on for Water man's 80s night. We went to Christian's to pregame where him donnie and joey were with their friend and then the other girls came over with friends. Good outfits- guys ones picked out by Donald. everyone "we all look like the cast of saved by the bell-Joey. Hedy was newly broken up with Shane and brought some guy that she later wanted me to dance on. We took lots of pickies, pregamed, shots while wearing the Giants helmet, tequila, yes tequila is a verb te-kee-la meaning the act of having an amazing time prior to barfing. Courtney, you want a shot? Hell yeah! Then we all went out and had a blast! Danced our butts off, hedy looked down and I was doing the splits and she was like oh thats normal, its just vicky. Danced to MJ, Madonna, Prince, etc. with my boys and girls and just had an all out amazing time-most fun I had in a while. You should see the pics I have of Christian at any given moment.This will become a yearly thing. That night, I spent the night at Christians and Joey's-Joey disappeared to Lunasea that night. and Donnie, christian and I drunkenly went to 7-11. I was wearing Christians basketball shorts, my red pumps and the lady was like alright. i said i know i know. Christian asked for a taquito, she said, no you dont wanna eat those. noooope. theyve been rolling around under that light for hours and hours. Noo I want 2, he insisted and he got those along with an unneccesary amount of food like footlong subs and multiple pacs of mac and cheese, pizza, etc. hahaha so fun. Ive been chillen with Cristian a lot lately. He said something the other day that was less than polite in a funny way, and he goes oh we've seen each other too much, getting too comfortable. lol. luv it.

Turkey day. I slept. Ate turkey. Slept again. Food as usual was off the chain. We all have lots to be thankful for. All of us at that table have gotten closer this year. Seth's family did thanksgiving up there, which made me happy bc I wouldn't want him to spend it home alone. Weird not having the kids around this year, but that's another story touched upon in beginning of this entry. Black Friday, we didn't go all out like last year supermarket sweep style. Instead we just went to NEX, then took Chris and Rafa to Skinny Dip for froyo and toppings, then went to Yama with April and Hedy and had many a saki bomb and caught up and then Hedy rapped "Grillz" to me on our way to Yardhouse, a new beer spot in town center. Re-met Courts new man and Kellys boy, talked to Sarah and her sister for a bit, mingled and dipped to Hot Tuna with Amie, Julia and April. Danced, got pizza from brothers pizza then home. 

Next day was me and Seth's 3 YEAR ANNI! 
3 fricken years since he sneak attacked me. 
Unfortunately, I was still in VA and so I went to Olive Garden with Kia, who I hadnt seen in a long time-always good seeing her. Then at some point, I had steak and lumpia. Can't remember what  else I did Sunday bc get back home after the bus crapped out for a bit and then  I watched 4 F trains, a foreigner hit on me when i had fuck you written on my face, and smelled a homeless man pee himself, before getting on my way home. 
Then I got home to Seth's fam, hungout for a bit, but then had to pass the ef out. We went to the Union Square Market and walked around looking at the jewelry, etc. the booths had to offer. Then, we went to Peter's restaurant. Pleasant evening hanging out with them!

Moonie died on 11/29. He was only 2. They don't know what happened-maybe a heart attack. I was at work, saw my mom's profile pic of the cat, clicked on it and the caption no shit said, Rest in peace moonie, with the dates of life and death. I fucking lost it. I'm not a huge animal lover, never really been that close to pets. But I loved Moonie, would hold him like a baby and baby talk to him. Remember when Mom opened the patio door and was yelling for my dad, Manny... Manny! and Moonie came running which tickled ma. and I had just seen him a few days before. I held him like a baby while we all sat around the table talking about mom's pets. Lucy and Lola will be sad if they find out. "Weeta, What's moooonie doing?"

me to the owner of sem sem deli: do you have any tuna?
Yes, we do he says as he grabs the albacore from behind the counter.
why do you keep it there? i asked.
bc people steal, put it in they pockets, he responded
People steal tuna? I inquired.
This is brooklyn,baby- people steal everything.

Besides that, 12/2 went to Deweys upstairs and hung out with the wolfers for a good while, checked out Bata's pimp ass penthouse apt-no 25 yr old should have a place that pimp. Then later that night, went to  Katz's deli with Sheila and T Gooding. 

Next night Seth and I celebrated our 3 year! We went to Bistro Lamazou for a wine and opera event, where the emphasis was less on the wine, and more on the big, white plates with tiny portions of gorgeous and delicious food. And of course the opera singer, Amaya from the Basque area of Spain. Really fun and classy. How we roll, son. We had to be the youngest people in there. The performance was good and the 4 different dishes and wine were delish. Think that might have been my first time eating duck, and what a huge scallop. Afterwards, I made small talk with Amaya in Spanish for a little. Good times. 

12/7, went to Carnegie hall again and watched the London Philharmonic, who did a lot of the music for Lord of the Rings I believe. Fancy Schmancy. Pretty good seats too.

That Friday, Seth and I went to Taleb's birthday which was a blast. We brought some to-kill-ya, and champagne (present), pregamed with Cassandra, Talbs and his roomate and friends, Bata, etc, then went out to Veranda, where Niko a club promoter that works with us got us Bottle Service and a hookah. Taleb was surprised I looked like a girl-I never look hawt at work. I don't go clubbin much so you know I had a good time. Dancing with Cassandra, Cassie and Tessa while drinking $600? bottles of Grey Goose and smoking hookah. Moved on to dancing on the couches with Aniqa (her bday soon). Super fun. 

That super fun got me super sick. Ugh. What a bad week to get redonkulously sick. 
I could hardly speak at work, but struggled through it. I tried to save my voice at night, but my Wed. hardly had any. Wed. went to Madison Square Garden with Jhart and Seth to see My morning jacket and band of horses. I was playing charades all night, so I guess it was good I didn't know many of the lyrics. This was my 3 yr anni for seth-great seats and fun times. Long show, very cool. still like fleet foxes better.

It's been a long day of writing. already 1 AM. I didn't go outside and I definitely didn't see any humans today. Crazy and yet awesome.

I had been looking forward to going to my company's holiday party (never had I heard so many "Happy Holidays" and so few "Merry Christmas'" until NYC) for a good while, bought a couple dresses and such, looking forward to the venue-The Standard, but no, no Holiday Party bc I woke up Friday with zero voice. I've never completely lost my voice-nutty. Anyways, this was the weekend Christian, Donnie and company were coming up and we had spent $160 on Broadway's Lion King and $175 on Giants tickets, so I needed to rest up.

I spent the evening watching Spanish soap operas instead, and probably getting daily doubles right on Jeopardy! I wasn't excited, I think Jeopardy! is always spelled like that. 

Lion King! That one I meant:
I was miming to Christian who was 35 minutes late! bc he was taking a tour of the Giants stadium with everyone. 
What a great show. Everyone raves about the costumes and they really are awesome-of course I loved the giraffe. Everything was really creative. Followed the movie, but also had original songs as well. Scar actually had a really large role in the broadway version of it and my favorites were timon and pumba. Christian was stoked to be there too and he liked the stampede scene, not Mufasa dying, but how they were able to bring the depth to the stage like that. I luv when I find myself questioning "how'd they do that" on a stage in theatre, and I think I can appreciate a tiny bit more from the theatre classes I took at JMU. I've always wanted to watch this show with Christian. It's our favorite Disney movie together (my first fave is Aladdin) and I always wanted to watch it with him more than anyone else. So good, and I snuck a photo at the end and we bought merchandise. Poster is right next to my Phantom poster. Maybe I should go see Wicked for my bday. I don't know what other show I should see.

The next day, Seth and I got our Giants gear on, face paint, temporary tattoos and went into Jersey to meet the crew. Christian, Cody, Donnie and his girl Jill and her sis and her man. All good ppls. Cody was tickled by the fact I couldn't speak "aww that sucks and you talk so much too, this must be hard."  We pregamed for ever. That was the most fun part of the day. I broke my no drinking before 5 PM rule and my don't drink when you're sick rule. Christian's cool ass aunt, uncle and 2 girl cousins came out from Long Island and drank with us, eventually leading us to where their buses and a table full of food was. After partying a bit at our area, we partied there,although we'd lost the two couples. I blame some cinnamon drink for getting Christian hammered. So much fun, even if I was miming and playing charades. We made it back to our original tailgating spot and then wrapped it up and went into the game missing kickoff. These seats were amazing. End zone like 8 rows up or something crazy like that. I had been waiting to see a Giants game with Christian and Donnie since they got me into it in years ago- I'll never forget superbowl in 2008, 2007-2008 season in Richmond with them, Amie and even Joey. Amazing. So we were all finally there. 5 minutes into the game Christian gets kicked out for being drunk and rooting for the giants unlike all the other pompous assholes pretending to be fans that complained about him. Donnie and Seth went with him and eventually came back, while christian watched from a cell before getting picked up by his aunt-who has like season tickets and is somebody around there. I with hardly a voice pleaded with the guy for a warning, then when they left, I started crying, Cody held me lol. And I think the fact that that happened is why we lost and it wasn't like a oh that's a good game and we ended up losing. No, that shit against the redskins was garbage. Absolute garbage. I spent the majority of the game getting hot cocoa and putting marshmallow (why is that word spelled like that?) vodka in my cocoa and being angry, although it was cool to see Manning so damn close. Giants are in the finals though and play the almost undefeated Packers tomorrow, which they played a close game with them prior to the Redskins we'll just have to go again. Went back to their hotel after finding Christian and watched the Jets lose too. 

That Thursday, Dec. 22 or 23rd, I took the bus home, yes it broke down on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge for 2 hours and the whole time, I hung out with a guy from Belize that sat next to me. I took all that time to learn everything about Belize- the fauna, the flora, what each indigenous group is comprised of,  you name it. Everyone was bitching. I expect this will happen every time and "that train's never late" even though the bus always is. Chris picked me up with his new "friend" o he's not gay, that I apparently grilled, although I think differently. At least he's more positive and happy than he's been in recent months since the separation. We'll see what comes of it all.

I saw almost everyone on my list and ended up working a lot from home. Closing two deals while I was there which was stressful yet good. Saw Lyn-z who I hadn't seen in over a year! On Christmas Eve, we went to Kelly's and had our annual breakfast and ornament exchange, catching up with them, Love hanging out with my girls sanz boys. Went shopping with mom which she enjoyed, Wrapped a million presents, maybe watched a Christmas Carol that night, then went to midnight mass- they recently changed the wording of some prayers and responses to be more literal, which was confusing. i.e. for all that's seen or unseen to all that's visible or invisible." That messed with me a little and as usual, mom pointed out that my homecoming king was at church with his family.

Christmas morning, mom and the kids made out on gifts. Mom, who recently got into cake decorating and baking got a kitchen aid mixer, chi straightener (I got one too along with TMNT tee, book on NY, estee lauder makeup, sweater, jacket, filtering water bottle from seths bro, necklace, bracelet with stones, etc.) and the best gift she got was an "engagement" ring from my dad. Very pretty-he even got down on one knee and everything playing around-disguising the ring in a watch box since she's always telling him to stop buying her watches. It was cute. I think Emman liked the non-conventional NY coasters I bought him for his apt or house he'll buy. The boys are spoiled I tell ya. $20 is like finding a penny on the ground tails up to them. They got pogo sticks and bikes though which they were excited about. Chris tricked little Chris saying that Rafa was the only one that got the bike. We had some bomb diggity food again, I gave Seth his gifts, and that night and then I went out to Courtney's that night  to partay. Ok back, its Sunday and I'm giving myself 2 hrs to write. 

So yeah Courtney's was a whole lotta fun. A lot of couples were there including sethypoo and me and I in my new TMNT tee were having a grand ol time. Flip cup brought me back, boys were shotgunning brewskies, listening to Christian d-j'd old school rnb z104 music, singing Az yet with moves on the floor, sitting on Amie's lap belting out "I swear" seeing Courtney have a chugging contest with Jeff her bro that just got back from Marine Boot camp, taking JMU kid pics, ending up the night on the ground singing to Kelly's confused brother Kyle, etc. Lots of fun and after party found myself puking out of a Wawa bound moving vehicle. Yum. I need that shit. The partyin with my gals and boys not the puking.

What else during break, again worked a lot but moving on, saw Peter Cerwinski a few times! Hadnt seen him in like a year. Went out to Mexican, where he raved about his new Mexican girlfriend-I know, I know another one. We drank some margs, had lunch and I had to get back to work. That night, him, Hadjiyasemi, Kristen, Hedy, Austin Lanteigne, Ashley Hardwick and eventually Christian all went out to Swell for some dranks. Peter informed me while we were listening to Keith Sweat in the car-yes all the way to the end, don't end that song until it's over,  that said Mexican girlfriend broke up with him. I said ok, nothing Mexican tonight, no coronas, no chips and salsa, nothing. Walked in, asked what the specials were, Well we have dos equis for 2 bucks... done! I said. Sorry Peter, you understand. haha. yeah but random group. After that bar, Peter, Austin, and Ashley and I went to kellys chilled there for a bit. Saw sean stroud who i hadnt seen in a while. He was jolly, but not like santa.

Also, earlier that evening, I had gone to Seth's parents to do Christmas at their house. This is always fun. We had Seth's dad homemade pumpkin pie or as they like to say a little bit of pie with my whipped cream, red rooibos tea and exchanged gifts. Seth's mom and I both got each other the same stone-pink quartz and the gift that zach gave me is one that I use everyday-the filtering water bottle. Anyways we made rather merry and then Seth said we had to go get yama with his boys, so we went and I was so full for the first time in my life, I didn't eat at yama. Had a good time with Calamari, Sean and Ade and found out Ade was coming back home on the bus same night I was! After that, they dropped me off and I got outta one boys car and into another (peter's) felt like I shoulda been turning tricks haha.

Next day, I had dinner at Chili's with Steven. Hadnt seen him in a year or a little over. didn't know where to start the convo. Still the same ole Steven.

Same night, I met Amie, Kristen, Christian and Cody at Bdubs. Christian had been drinking all day, so that was fun. It was a really good time. We were taking stupid and hilarious pictures with condiments, and unrelated, reminiscing on middle school and going down memory lane. Pretty funny.

Next day, got Yama with Lyn-z and Thomas who I had not yet seen enough of, Sarah Leive, Sarah Meredith and Court. Christian was spossed to join us but he was too busy getting pulled over for ralphing out of his car at a red light. He came as we were leaving and him and I decided to do our usual, lottery playing-Debbie from Exxon "Is that it? That's all you won?" haha.

Met up with Catherine from the hotel at Starbucks and caught up. She's a real cool, down to earth funny gal.

Celebrated little Christopher's (I don't know why he's a Steelers fan) 11th bday at the house, and then me and Emmanuel packed up and left.

Met up with Ade at the stop, while I was glued to my phone for work and also decided to record some of the shit going on around me. The bus, always an adventure. We waited for an hour on the bus b4 they told us to switch to another bus. Poor ade had this Vietnam vet talking to him about hell knows what "oh you a fast talkin city skicker aint ya?" and something about all the Southern countries including Philadelphia. and then some teenage girl who was like, I'm from the hood, im gangsta and then started singing at one point, "yeah, uhuh Im a trick, skeet skeet" soo funny. Glad they were with me.

Got home, had some McKedee's and slept. Went back to Juniper yum, then walked along downtown brooklyn area, on the brooklyn bridge, world trade center area, 2 hours trying to find a cup of coffee, found one at Kaffe 1668 which reminded me of Smartwool brand bc of the sheep everywhere, liked the atmosphere, real dim lit quiet, although the view of the brightly lit Bank of America threw it off a bit. We met Seth at work and Ade and I wanted Indian food (I only had it once at a wedding) but we never got it. Instead, we went to I think Alphabet city area and went to a bar called Speakeasy. The gimmick was cool. The window on the door was cracked, you walked in and pressed a bell, and then an owner looking guy came and opened the door, and asked us to show him our fake ids. Inside however, there was no one there except a couple of older dudes in a room smoking cigars and playing poker. We stayed for a couple of drinks and left. As we left, a ton of people were coming in.Went to a place called Royale and grabbed some beers, onion rings-i hate onion rings, and split a burger which they're known for. Later, we went to a Spanish tapas bar which was cool. We got three kinds of jamon serrano (normal, iberico and pata negra) with bread, cheese, almonds, and olives and a pitcher of sangria. Fun! We ended up talking to the waiter who was from Alicante where Sonya is from. the owner was from DR and Haiti, I believe. Good spot seth found. Seth and Ade stayed out and Emman and I went home. 

Next morning, we went to Bedford and went to the Meatball shop, which was very yummy. Ade was exhausted and didn't want to join me and emman on another 2 hr coffee shop hunt so he went home. Emman and I went to El Beit, I believe was the name of the coffee shop.

That night was NYE and unlike last year, where we had it all figured out. This yr we had no clue, yet at the same time, none of us really cared. Ended up meeting Jeanne and her friend Kristen and their friends on upper eat side 82nd? I dont know but that shit is far from me. A place called Gael Bar. 55 bucks open bar. Seth seemed to be in a grouchy mood right when he got off from work and then spent the rest of the night trying to get Ade laid. At some point, I thought he might have been saying something to Emman and I was like oh no no no, he does not need anyone's help in that dept esp. you lol. We drank brewskies, did the grapes and I was drunk by like 1. Me Emman and Jeanne got pizza and went home. Jeanne was convinced her year was going to suck, bc she had some guy trying to make out with her at 12 that she wasnt into, she dropped a grape on the ground, then threw it at me and her champagne spilled b4 she got to taste it. It was fun, but not as cool as last year. Next morning, we woke up and found out someone got killed by the borinquen projects by my house. Way to start off the year.

Next day, Me Emman and Jeanne went to Roberta's. The bee sting pizza was delish. I won't eat the Cheeses christ pizza strictly on principle. 
Jeanne and I dropped off Emman and then after yrs on the Subway including a certain C train that sounded like we were running over zombies, we made it to the American Museum of Natural history where we learned about Black Holes, how much we weigh on the moon (29.8 lbs) and on a neutron star (3 trillion?), saw big dinosaurs and ended the day with an Easter Island statue (I will see them on Easter Island one day). Aid and Seth joined us at some pt during our time there. Jeanne went back to Jersey and btw-I've been rocking a fanny pack for a couple of weeks now. It's a nice one as far as fanny packs go. It's leather and from Seth's mom. I made Ade wear the purple one and we sent Calamari a pic on his bday saying that Ade just wanted to pack it in Kyle's fanny. We went to Prospect Park area in BK to meet a coworker of Seth's at 200 Fifth and watched the Giants win :). 

Went back to work that Tuesday the 3rd and I dont think we've been doing much instead of watching Game of Thrones, HBO show. I don't know if I mentioned that a girl from JMU did a piece on me-a blog. Kinda cool.

Hmm been cooking a lot, but that's not really new. Went to happy hour with a lot of the coworkers where they saw me dance which is a rare sight here. What else. Went out the other night with Sheila and Bata for a needed shot of tequila ended up having 5 and ending the night by chugging condiments with Bata. Went to Exchange bar with Amy and Sheila one night. Last Friday the 13th, after leaving work at 9 pm, went to Cork Buzz with Seth as part of his Christmas present to me. I, again was in my ninja turtle tee, skinny jeans and vans and felt completely underdressed. Luckily, Seth knew the folks that worked there and he spoke about wines in his wine voice and I annoyed him with my sales voice and we had some yummy brussel sprouts, potatoes with duck crisp?, speck, and noodles with mushrooms, yum and of course wine.

Saturday, I worked and got more organized and wrote this all day which I enjoyed thoroughly. 
Sunday, watched the GIANTS win against the almost undefeated Packers. They have one more game to go before the Superbowl. Watched it at Niall's on 52nd, again a far ish hike. We had the place to ourselves pretty much. It was Seth and 2 ppl he knew. Amy, her man and some of his friends and Jhart and then some old guys. Jhart was out of control, but entertaining. And yeah, we won and that was a damn good feeling. 

Think that's about it! Going home for my golden bday. Going to Christian's to pregame then not sure from there. Not too excited about going back to work, especially bc my team is slammed, but at least it's a short week- (it's MLK) if not in hours at least in days.

Goodnight and God's speed whatever that means.