Saturday, June 11, 2011

continuing from the last one

busy, busy here. i rather like my saturday days to myself to sleep in, workout, talk to my sister or friends, just chill, regroup. I have 4 houseguests here and Jeanne is on her way from Jersey so I'll write as much as I can before she gets here.
Let's continue where I left off in April... ha.
On April 27th, it was Sheila's bday (most of my friends were born in April) and we just went to Dewey's-the bar we always go to after work. Did Seth and I come over this day? dont remember

On the 28th, we went to the sales director's play. It was like 2 one women shows. the first girl that went up was funny, sang/acted about her mother being a sex therapist, did a number on "is he gay or european" which was hilarious bc ive often wondered that, showered the audience with nyc condoms, etc. then the sales director came on and hers was more classy and she could really sing her ass off. i like her a lot. I needed a little theatre in my life, good for the artistic soul. I always went to a bunch of plays/shows/acts at JMU. Then Don, a guy at work that lives by me went to our homes.

On the 29th, Seth had a bday party at our crib. He and peter and their friend neil had made fresh guac and homemade tortilla chips, made a bunch of sangria and gin bucket. We were trying to make it a rooftop party but it was kinda cold, and its kinda a pain in the ass to go down the ladder for the rooftop. Having all those people in the house made it hard to play beerpong with seths rigged ass ironing board beerpong table. I mainly hung out with a few people i invited from work-only invited the few that lived close by-Taleb and Don. Sheila came by for a bit. Lots of asians ha. Everyone had to take a squeezy baster thing of gin bucket when they came in and everyone really liked the sangria.think mostly everyone had a really good time. I had a decent time, but I thought last year was a lot more fun when we had it here and the roof was open.

On Seth's actual birthday, I surprised him and we got dressed up and went to NYC's most famous steakhouse, having a reputation for being the best steak in NY-aged beef taking 2-3 months reservations in advanced-Peter Lugers. Expensive as shit and they only take cash-which are things that give it character. The bacon was amazing-these thick ham sliced sizes of bacon slabs were sooo good. We got some cab to go with the steak. The sauce is overated like fancy cocktail sauce. You could taste the complexity of the aged beef-porterhouse for two, which was really good, but they overcooked it a bit...overall good experience and ill be back, just not for a year or more, and ill make sure they cook it right. Honestly Seth made some steak the other day, and I thought that was on par as well as the steak from Destafano's but i think it had a lot to do with the fact that it was a bit overcooked. They put a candle on the keylime dessert for him. Seth was a happy boy. Everyone was jealous we went. I like that I can afford that stuff everynow and again. I dont remember what we did after if anything. I'll have to ask Seth.

May 6th, Kelly came to visit!
That night, we went to iron sushi with peter and seth, but kelly felt crappy and her and me went back to the crib. i may have made her watch Teeth that night haha.
The next day, we went into Bedford and ate bagels and then walked around the cutsie area. we went into a few shops and Kelly bought a dress in one. I bought some vintage jewelry from a stand. Then we went into the city and went to Central park area, colombus circle? where they have a globes of the world thing, CNN building, some other stuff which i had never been to before and took some pics. the went into central park and the sun-the sun that I feel like I havent felt in months shone on my face. I was soo happy. We laid on some big bolder things people were laying out on and just enjoyes the sun on a beautiful spring day in central park. It was awesome and fun and we didnt want to leave, but we had to eat and then get to the Usher concert at the prudential center in Jersey. We rode the nj transit which i had never been on-pretty cool little train, and got to the show hoochified. We got food and bruskies and enjoyed the show. Unfortunately, they stopped selling brewskies pretty early so no buzz for us. We had some pretty crappy seats and I couldn't tell if it was Usher or Morgan Freeman down there, but still really fun. Its a huge huge venue-overwhelmingly big, and he looked like a little ant down there.  Hes a very good performer-such a good dancer. He did a tribute for micheal jackson. He pulled a woman on stage and they pretty much did it on stage singing, "I need a girl who's over 18 and single, over 18 and singllllle" good times.

Sheila and I went to DSW where I bought a pair of Jelly shoes and felt like a 9 yr old again and then went to wine tasting. On Friday, the 13th, Jess from work who I have been bonding with a lot -we say we're twins, we're always singing random parts of rap songs outloud and being random wanted to come to bk with me (shes from Jersey and says words like walk, dog, coffee weird-so does Jason-my lunch buddy at work from the bronx). We bought skinny girl margaritas from Seths work and drank it, while just shooting the shit about everything drunkenly going into tangents changing the subject frequently-that was fun. Then we got ready and Seth came out with us. We tried to meet some guy jess wanted to see, but he was being flaky. I was scared she wasnt going to have a good time and as we were walking, our buzzes were fading. she said she wanted to find herself a hipster haha. then we ended up at a super fun spot-the woods where Peter and that guy she was trying to see and his friends eventually met us. There was a bar part, then a dancing part where guys and girls could go on stage and an outside part. Pretty cool place. We danced our butts off and had a grand old time. They played good music too. Never have a been to a place where I suggest a song and the dj is like hell yeah! and instantly plays it-back that ass up of course, and then he played can I get a fuck you, i was so excited. haha so yes, we had a blast. The ride home was entertaining too...our cab driver was dominican and to my embarrassment, jess proceeded to shout out every spanish word she ever learned. "la ventana!" "la ventana es loca!" oh my gosh.
May 14th, Randomly Julia hill was in town from richmond, and I hadnt talked to her since Greg's bros birthday party last yr, but b4 then longer. We used to spend hours on the phone in middle school and then chilled a lot my sophomore? year of college. Anywho, she came over and it was fun. We went to the ghetto (in her opinion it was nice-oh she's lived in the ghetto too long) corner store and as she came out she said, as we passed 3 cops "man I cant wait to get stoned and eat some mars bars." haha. We went to the crib, listened to boyz II men pandora, drank, watched parts of the human centipede, caught up a bit, played some drinkin games with seth and then went to duck duck a dive bar close by. pretty fun and really good to chill with her again. Who was I hanging out with when we watched the invention of lying? hmm anywho.

That Thursday May 19, Seth and I went to a fleet foxes show in Harlem. this is 1 of me and seths favorite bands. The venue was like an old medievelish church or something. warm colors and moraccan/arabic feel to it too. It was really, really different and cool. Got to our seats, his was directly behind me, met an older couple that sat by us that was stoked on them. Again, our seats could have been better, but we got the last 2 tickets. It was SO good. so good live. we had a great time at the show despite the 2 hours it took to get home.

Hours later at 6 am, a cab got me and I went to JFK to go to VB! hadnt been home in 5 months, and I was pretty excited. Alicia picked me up from the airport with Rafa, and we got chick fil a. I think the diet god had something to do with the fact that they forgot my sandwhich, but Alicia gave me hers since theres no chick fil a in NYC-except NYU food court. Ate at her place, saw her new furniture and then went  to my house I took a long nap and then hungout in the house for a bit. Dad made me steak and veggies and a baked potato and then i got new bangs at great clips, then planned and coordinated the night and got ready and the Forgot my id while buying miller, and had to go back and prove I wasnt lying-glad I look young at least, then somehow (did sarah, kristen, i know amie wasnt dribing..) got to Courtney's place (I dont have insurance anymore) and it felt like my birthday! We were all exited to see each other and Hedy gave me my bday present that never got to me. It was almost all my girls and then Emman, Alicia, Danny and Pablo and his wife showed up. We pregamed, took some pics and all went out to Lunasea! Danced on poles, drank a bunch, took some shots,  hungout in the outside beachy part and chatted mostly with my girls and even christian and joey showed up wasted. SUCH a great night! So much fun. then went back tp courts, ordered pizza and had a sleepover with some of them. Next morning, Courtney laughed her ass off at texts and we reminisced about the night. Then we all met a few hours later at Yama! got sushi with my girls and then it was family time from there. Went and picked up the kids and Alicia and took them to handels ice cream. Then, we went to the beach, max-puppy got sick but we chilled for a while. It was good to get some beach time and sun. necessary. Then, went to Red Lobster for Alicias bday with the fam and Danny-had to convince dad to go somewhere else than chinese buffets... and then Alicia, Emman, Danny and I went out for Danny's last night. we went to a few places and they were all whack that night. finally got to hot tuna and it was cool, but we werent there long as after the band, it was last call. 'the next morning, I had to leave early and that was my weekend at home. Sooo much fun. I feel like I got to have good time with most of the ppl I wanted to see.

May 26th
I dressed up for work, even tho i wear dresses everyday and the ceo whistled at me "woowoowoowoo" when I walked in, I did close a deal the day before.. and Christian at work goes, so how was it like to get sexually harrassed at work haha.anywho, i told everyone it was my 2.5 yr anniversary and of course they joked me... but whatever I think you should celebrate every 6 months. why not? Seth and I went to Brooklyn Eonology BOE, where we each sat at a bar and each tried 4 wines and cheeses, meats and caramel popcorn, crackers. it was cute. Then we went to the Chocolate Library on the LES and picked out expensive chocolates (we had a groupon). The Belgian milk chocolate was amazing. Then we went to an Italian restaurant, Supper that a coworker had recommended. We wanted to sit inside and enjoy the atmosphere, but the food was good. It was a cute date!

Ok, Jeanne's a mile away, so I'll try to continue ASAP. I need to b4 I go to Spin, because that will be its own  big story.