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blog numero 3 nyc 12/05/10

So I've almost lived here for 2 months! It's been fun. No job yet and no I dont need anyone pestering me bc i will get one when I get one.With that being said, the job hunt starts tomorrow and so I wanted to write my blog today... Man i have had lots of visitors. At one time, we had 4 or 5 people spending the night in this little apt. craziness.

ok so the Jeanne bartending thing never happenned-in fact I havent even seen her yet. let's do a recap of when the girls-Sara Monday thr Sat day and Court and Hedy overlapped some staying thursday thru Monday day. Lynz came in late Friday and left early Sunday so only a day.

Here's what we did busy, busy, busy-nonstop. spent 600 bucks in a week! ah! I had Sara write up what we did b4 I forgot, but ill add to it some.

Monday - November, 8, 2010
-Sara showed up around 11 AM
-Williamsburg for Lunch - went to "Sea" (amazing decor - highlight of the lunch was free appetizers for everyone and free drinks for Sara and Seth)
-Roebling Tea Room
-Sara went to Colbert Report (front seats that hoe) with Julia and her friend Brooke
-Met Sara and Julia with Seth at Garage. hadnt seen Julia in almost 3? years! for tail end of live jazz performance Sara got so into the music that Sara started talking about patients out of nowhere-Sara has lots of those spacy moments super funny
-Back to Vic's place for Vic's yummy yummy stuffed mushrooms and brownies with olive oil (yumm!)
-Highlight of the night - Sara's cellphone ringing at 5 in the morning with Vicky getting every question "WRONG!" (I never tried to answer them -Sara has set her alaram so that she has to solve math problems when she wakes up..what a nerd haha
Tuesday - November 9, 2010
-Woke up at 11, and decided to go to Athom Cafe, which was closed =(
Walked around and came across a ghettoish Italian pizzeria - I had some yummy eggplant parmigiano!
-Went to the TKTS booth in downtown Brooklyn and purchased discount Orchestra seats for The Phantom of The Opera!!!
-Brooklyn bridge - absolutely amazing views and sights-really awesome
-Rushed home and got ready in 30 mins (unbelievable)
-Phantom of the Opera with Vic and Julia ($5 dollar water - you better have saved that bottle, poster, photo session) This was my first Broadway show. Glad i got to see it with a theatre gal-Julia and super excited Sara who have an appreciation for it. I was sick but it was amazing-great music
-Shake shack - for burgers yummm!
-Went to bed early (2 AM is early) because we couldn't find Spartacus online

Wednesday - November 10, 2010
-Got to The Met around 1 (rushed like crazy that morning - ate granola bars on the train) - amazing amazing time there - Egyptian Exhibit, Islamic Arts, South EAST Asian Arts ;), the peaceful Chinese garden-, my favorite Egyptian temple/tomb? - ahh bliss! Vic got a hot dog from the food cart.
-Took the M4 bus down to 57th St. Then, ran "run like youve never ran before, Sara!" and walked from 5th Avenue to 7th Avenue - we probably looked like idiots.
Finally, I hailed a cab and we got to the our destination - The Daily Show!
...only to be rejected by the show, because someone got there too late (*cough*Seth and Peter*cough*). Decided to go to the Colbert Report again, but the standby list was too long.
-Walked to Totto Ramen - left the guys there and just started walking...commencing our little adventure...
Reach Broadway St. and found Crumbs (I had it on my list!!) - went in and discovered orgasmic cupcakes. Vic got a Bryant Park cupcake (and started moaning-hey it was the best cupcake ive ever had chocolate with chocolate mousse and cream cheese frosting with white chocolate flakes) and Sara got a Blackbottom cheesecake Walked to Radiance Tea House -We ordered yummy yummu miso soup. Then, Vic decided to order pork dumplings! Fun place!
Walked to 53rd and 6th for some Halal Chicken and Rice -this is a rediculously popular food stand
Went home to watch some hilarious stand-up comedy (Russell Peters)
Thursday - November 11, 2010
-Waited for Hedy and Courtknee to get to Williamsburg from the Airport - it took them 2 hours!!
-Went to a cool vintage store where the owner (interesting guy) was playing some creepy music. Bought a cool record - Cat Stevens!
-Finally after what seemed like an eternity, the girls came! Courtknee with her "drunken" luggage
-Got ready and headed to the Best Deli shop in NYC rated number 1 on our very useful yelp (longest walk) - Graham Meats and Deli with Vic, Hedy, Courtknee, Seth, Peter, and Aid
-Walked to park ("just around the corner," according to Peter...was another few minutes walk). Saw floating heads in a car. Ate the best sandwiches EVER! sooo soo good.  3 lbs of meat! carefully prepared
got ready for a night out in the town
-Reached China Town - quickly browsed through the market, and then went off to Little Italy (yes, Sara is pronouncing the "A," as I type this). Went into Ferrara and had the best cannolis ever. My first canolli! we all tried to find our name on signs and we all did except Sara
-Met up with the guys at Kabin for some stand-up comedy. Turns out that the show didn't start till 9:30.
-Walked to McSorley's and had drinks
-Headed back to Kabin for some free stand-up comedy - fun times - fugaize Courtney "Black people are just funnier I dont know why"
-Went to Sultana to smoke some Hookah with everyone pretty fun
- I was drunk so went to some Pita  Belgian french fry shop
-Then, LIT Lounge-a club that we went to when we dressed like smurfs- dancing to Back that Ass Up, Killing Me Softly, Dougy

Friday - November 12, 2010
-Woke up late (surprise!) again. While everyone got ready, Hedy and Sara went to Princess Bakery
-Went to the Central Park and walked around - enjoyed the gorgeous weather.
-Went to Serendipity 3. An hour long wait, so we went to Dylan's Candy store and went to Bloomingdale's. Met up with Julia and Glyness a friend of Court's and headed back to Serendipity 3 Everyone had some frozen hot chocolate what they are known- yummylicious
-Went across the street and went to Patsy's for pasta e fagioli, others had pizza
-Went to Broadway/Times Square area, toys r us,  and then to Crumbs again-red velvet not as good
-Started the journey to JFK to get Lyndsay-one of the most fun parts-we played Would you rather this or this, Out of these three who would you kill, marry, do, etc. hilarious
-picked up Lynz and then went to Ana Maria's for some delish pizza, then home

Saturday - November 13th, 2010
Sara had to leave on this day
She Got to Union Square, and only had 15 mins to say goodbyes
The rest of us shopped for boots, went to Forever 21
-Found a cute tapas place thanks to Sara's phone and yelp. Called Casa Mono-we all got great tapas there all very tasty
-didnt go to Ippudo and instead walked around, ended up getting Sbarro of all things with everything around us
-Some comedy club promotional guy who sorry Courtney apparently not all black people know how to do the dougy, sold us tickets to Dangerfield's-the MC Ray was hilarious and so were all the standups. much funnier than the guys from the 1st comedy show. ya get what you pay for i guess and the drinks were pricey. Great time there.
Next, we went home and got ready and went out. Yay clubbing with the girls in the city,  only we didnt know where to go but we had heard people talking about the meatpacking district so we went. Didnt know where we were going. Eventually after a while ended up at 675 a coverfree really fun club where Court was flirting with some brits and some guy just planted one on hedy. We danced and I got to catch up with Lynz. Fun time from 2 am  till 4. cabby took up home, i puked on the side of the road and cabby called me and told me my phone was in the cab... we watched a 30 rock episode the following day where that happened to Liz and he brought it back to me

Sunday November 14th
I was not hungover, but didnt feel good to walk around and such so Court and Hedy went. Lynz left :(
then we met up with Justin from high school a good friend of Hedy's at the Rockafeller center, then went to Shake Shack to chat. Justin had a hilarious coming put to his father story.

Monday November 15th
got pizza at the place over by the subway, walked Hedy and Court to subway and they left

Found out that my sister was going to leave on th 20th and that she would therefore not be here for Thanksgiving day, so i decided to come home on the 17th, meaning id get there on the 18th and then we could possibly do an early thanksgiving-it's arbitrary anyways like i called it - Happy the Native americans shared with the white folk and the white folk slaughtered them months later day. However my sisters mother in law was coming at the same time...Let me also mention that yet another bus incident- the motherefin bus broke down for 5 cottonpickin hours on the side of a delaware road, luckinly i was able to upload pics and charge my phone and hang with my new found friend but it still bloew. I decided to write waht i was thankful for in the spirit of thanksgiving i guess.  Chris Goodloe picked me up and we postponed thanksgiving and just had it on the normal day without my sister-the lengths i go to hang out with miss preggy pants. Lola picked out a middle name for the baby- tuna. Luna Tuna haha. I hung out with her and her mother in law until Saturday night, going to Chuck E cheese, hanging with the neices and watching internatioal house hunters, while she packed, ate lumpia and all other things right with the world.

She left and other notable things about my Thanksgiving "break": Got an adorable winter coat from NY and co. with my mom
Went out with Kristena dn April to Kelly's- we looked like poo and still had some guy buy is drinks.. I was drunk and it was fun
Went over to Christians and watched Boys in the hood, and then walked around outside in his slippers looked like we were at an old persons home or an insane asylum. Either way, he\;s one of my only friends that i can hold a deep convo with
went out to Olive gardeen with Jenna and caught up with her
went to Court's friendsgiving-beautifully set up table, good food, and gt to catch up with prego Casey, Sarah, and see hedy and court again-good time
-went to Watermans for 80s night-had so much fun getting ready and singing in Courts room wityh Court, amie, Kelly and April and then outto watermans to dance to 80s music. We all had so much fun that night. went to chichos and saw kia too and russ, and ryan J. drunkskies i was. i hung out at courtney;s for several housrs, but  I wouldnt spend the night tho bc i lov the smell of turkly cooking in the morning or afternoon when i wake up
-"Happy birthday, Victoria" Emmanuel said, oh it was surely my birthday indeed-thanksgiving is the happiest day of the year. MMMM. Great food as always. Poor seth stayed home and didnt have anyone to celebrate wth but  finlayy went and ate with one of his friends. The next day was our 2 year anni but I wouldnt get home until the day after. I think balck friday is some kind of a joke. take people who are in recovering from a hangover from Wednesday, suffering from a food coma from thurday, nevermind Turlkey makes you feel like youre drunka dn then tell them all to go run around town and fight for bargains in long lines with other crazed people. hmm
Black friday-i was one of those crazy people at wal-mart at midnight and the exchange was a madhouse, bestbuy had ppl camping there looked like homeless in an alley, Dad and Alicia bought tvs,i got a crockpot for 3 bucks that was my claim to fame. bought a couple of Christmas presents.

It was time to go home. I bitched about my trips on the Springter bus and got a free ride back to ny. Emman decided to come up with me as he'd never been to NY. He told me he wouldnt come until i got a job bc he did not wantto distract me, but everyone falls for thr NY magic.

1st day: (ok ive been job searching for the past 2 days.. discouraging, but hopeful too)
got home successfully and then went to McDonalds on Small business Saturday, then took naps-Emman realized how Puerto Rican my hood was
-went to Central park and discovered a whole new section of park-beautiful and most fun ive had at central park so far even saw Cleopatra's needle!
-ate at some Irish pub and then went to Times Square-Emman said, "I am really happy right now." took a million pics during this trip also
-fuckin facebook is annoying me telling me theres no pics in my album, but here are the people in the album what kind of sense does that make?
-Seth brought me back 24 roses (1 for each month) we'd been together for our anni
-went to Union Hall in Park Slope a bar in a nice part of brooklyn that has a bocche? ball area, and books everywhere like a library and paintings of old dead important folks-had a bet going on who the guy outside was. I thought it was either Alexander Hamilton or Andrew Jackson. Cool bar
-Got Ana Maria's Pizza!

2nd Day:
-Empire State building 86th floor out of 102 floors observatory-tallest building in city, amazing views, got entertaining audio to listen to and a map pointing all major buildings, streets, etc. out in New York-so cool
-random deli for lunch then decided to wait for seth to go to World trade center the next day so just started walking around-what a great idea that was-saw so much on that walk such as good views of some of the buikdings we'd seen from ESB like Chrysler building-so gorgeous, outside view of Grand Central station, the public library, Rockafeller center but tree not yet lit and then we stumbled in St. Patrick's Cathedral just to look around and take pics, but a mass was just starting so being Catholic and Emmanuel raised so decided to stay. It was beautiful and the 1st day of the Catholic Church's new year. told to make the resolution of charity, no not giving money to the church, but just being charitable in our everyday lives. What a good experience.
-our feet/ his knee hurt a lot but we decided to pick up Seth and go to China town/little Italy. It was not buzzing. Pretty dead, but we went to Ferrara for cannolis, and then walked to the LES and ended up at st marks place and went to Kenka-food was gross, so not the best choice but cotton candy was good and i think that's all we did that night

3rd day
Went to Roberta's for lunch which was a success. yummy pizza, pear salad and emman got good cappucino
-went to the Financial district and went to a mini 9/11 museum, saw one of the world trade center buildings-not yet built and saw the plans for the site-those buildings are going to be ginormous!
Walked around there-emman is an accounting guy now and enjoyed all the financial buildings and their architecture, saw wallstreet, and the Bull! took innapropriate pics with it haha, trinity church was pretty from the outside, but we didnt make it in
Ended our time in the financial district by seeing the statue of liberty during sunset soo pretty
-went to cool Union Square to the open market area, got cider, looked around
-went to McSoreley's and some drinks with the resident cat
-met up with Chris and Peter at Stand for burgers and sweet potato fries where Jasmine (1st time i'd seen her in NY) met us
-went to what we thought was a stand up show invited by seth's coworker, but was a less funny but still entertaining skit show (cling ons-from startrek, space jam song, really not hilarious cops except the black guy)
-walked around the city and took pics of Empire State building
-went inside Grand Central Station
-all of us went back to our place, watched comedy central standups

4th day
-Ippudo with us 4 - a hit
-bye emman

Since then... hmm saw April and her man last Friday. went to their hotel room and then got yummy chicken wings at Boka and Lychee soju. then went out to Central, but after a little bit they dipped. Seth and I chilled then went to Kenka for the cheap beer of course, then back to central where Jasmine would be. Some dude was all over her and so i didnt really get to see her. Drunk talking with Seth at Kenka was fun though. and that night i saw the lit up rockafeller tree. I will go iceskating there before the season is up!

On Saturday, Seth and all went on an arduous and freezing (ef busses!) journey to Queens for his surprise Anniversary dinner. Spanish restaurant called Marbella. had jamon serrano which you know is the love of my life and manchego cheese, cheated on my moms paella with this one which was good, had sangria and dessert consisted of creme brulee. There was a harpist too which was a nice surprise who personally played us Killing me softly one of my favorites although surprising to hear coming out of a harp, there was a customer turned opera singer there too and overall a good restaurant that I hope to make it back too despite the adventure getting out there. Happy 2 year anniversary.

Went to Croxley's on Monday which has an awesome deal for Monday night football, a buck fiddy for 15 wings to see Seth's new team, the jets lose.

Had a really good time last night. Went to Momo Sushi Shake with Peter, Seth, Tomo and his friend So. The place looks like a garage with three cedar? picnic tables in it and the sushi is really good. Had a good time there and then also when we got back to our place and they started drinking. got to know So and chilled with Tomo and then Seth played the violin for everyone.

Ok hope I didnt miss anything. Seth is sleeping bc the routine is now stay up till 4 Am, then he has to be in at work at 9:50 and then he comes home and sleeps... My schedule is wake up at 2 PM i know its awful, look for jobs and cook and clean and play online, call ppl sometimes, and eat dinner and watch 30 rock, and chill until 4 am... productive. I think that everyone should take some time off like this if they can afford it. A re-set. It connects you back to you. I know how it is when you get busy and always stressed out and always on teh go looking at ok whats next whats next..but hanging out with me especially at night and letting your thoughts roam where they may without all that outside noise (not talking about the Puerto rican music) is really healthy. I remember working and being on vacation (people usually need vacations from their vacations if youre go, go, go, on them too) and i couldnt even relax because I was like oh man im missing so much at work, everything's piling up. Ohh I should really respond to this email... this is nice but of course financially a bit stressful.

Ok caught up ttyl!

starting to write Yelp reviews for everything

Sunday, December 5, 2010

New York entry 2 11/02/10

So sitting at Chris's drinking his home made pumpkin beer, staring at the deer head jutting out from the wall and watching them play xbox live with Sean who's being just as lame in VB haha. Just talked to Sara and was planning with her what we were going to do when she got here. We have a little calendar (why isnt that word spelled CalendEr?) that we're working off of. You know i gotta be productive.

So dont know if i mentioned that there's a place across the street where you get you pick out you own live chicken and they slaughter it and pluck it for yas. Hmm I can't get personal with my food before i eat it, although i had never thought twice about eating a fish with the head on until one of my friends freaked out about it. I think my mm or my dad sucks the head haha that sounded funny of fish and shrimp? I dunno. Anyways, so I went home on the 22nd because of family stuff and hung out with them the whole time. It was fun. TJ maxxin, walmartin, targetin, and lots of good food and Yama!, good to see my sister and the girls after a while of not seeing them. We celebrated my brother's 30th bday with amazing food, cake and got him a kindle, and i brought back a bunch of stuff for my apt like a pan, platos hondos, cups, curtains to block out the light and it promisd it would block out noise, but i still hear the song. Had fun at home hangin with the fam. The bus ride up there, i took a nice bus, it was 60 bucks round trip and though it left almost an hour late, it was clean, had free wi-fi, played movies like Killers, Star Trek and some generic Twilight movie- I will never watch that movie, and what else free bottled water. The trip back was not quite so nice. The nice bus decided to cancel for 2 whole days and i had to fight with Tammy, who's English and customer service skilled sucked. My brother in law helped me fight her...took a long ass time to get that squared away, but finally did. anyways, i left on the 28th back to NY and took a ghetto China bus. I almost died a few times. First, there was a Chinese black war on the bus, the bus driver and a family cussed each other out ending with why dont you learn how to write English, Im from this country mother efer and threats to go back to Newport News. Turns out the family claiming they could read English and the Chinese couldnt, were indeed wrong, but as all the other passengers said, "i want gon' say nu'in" anyways after the war, i met a nice guy who was qually annoyed at al facets of the ghetto bus. Someone spilled a Mr. Pibb on the bus and i put my bag down on it. Then, the guy behind me propped his stinky feet my my face, then the bus driver slams on his break and my ipod that has been out of its case twice since i got it in 2005 went flying 3 seats down in that nasty mr pibb. I knew it would happen because i had bragged about how it was scratch free and i was being punished for it somehow with a nice scratch on the screen. I was so upset, which i know is dumb because it's a material thing, but still. The bus as dirty and whatever i was miserable. Too bad that a plane costs so much more... at least 160 bucks plus rides to and from airport. And get this the bus company actually has it in their terms and conditions that you cant bring corpses on the bus. pheww-glad they had that in writing, i almost brought ol' Frankie Sinatra. Anywho, Seth met me in China town and we went home.

We watched one of the greatest movies of all time-Hocus Pocus and get ready for the rally in DC

Seth got an offer from another place, but decided to go with Paragon. They are having a....

ok so it's now 11/07/10 sorry for the delay and lapse in story...
DC rally. Put on our costumes and slabbed on the facepaint-papa smurf, Smurfette and Beaker and went on the bus with the Colbert audience and colbert's interns. Nice bus and snacks/metro fare included. We met this nice older lady who hung out with us for a while and the main Colbert guy was cool. There was at least 250,000 people there and we got Special Guest passes which means that we got to be closer up than everyone else except the VIPs. It was a cool experience. At times it felt a little slow, but still very cool. There was musical performances by" The Roots, John Legend, The OJs, Cat Stevens!, Ozzy, Sheryl Crowe, Kid Rock -not my favorite at all but he wasnt too bad, Kareem Abdul Jabaar, some guy from Law and Order, etc. Mythbusters guys. Besides musical performances, John Stewart and Colbert did some skits and going back and forth with each other. Pretty funny. Colbert's so funny. For his entrance, he pretended that he was a couple thousand feet down as a Chilean miner and came out with the Chilean flag "when i say chi, you say lay, chi-lay, chi-lay" So pretty good time. And Jon Stewart's ending speech was a good one-it wasnt bashing on the retarded tea party or anything, but more positive. We thought that everyone would be dressed up, but there werent too many ppl. Sadly enough, being a smurf was the closest I've ever come to being famous. Sad, I know. But everywhere we went people were snapping pics like crazy like"poppa"razzi, we'd hear "smrfs!" everywhere. Our signs read, "We put the Blue in red, white and blue. Papa smurf for Congress, who's your papa?" and the other said, "We're here, were smurfs, deal with it with a if i may say so myslef, a very good depiction of the 2 smurfs painted on. Peter or rather Beaker's sign was on point it said is a series of colors and sizes one solitary word: MEEP!My face hurt from smiling. I swear Seth and I have 500+pics out in cyber space. We found a few. We were interviewed a few times also. This one girl nonchalantly walked by and said" ha, gangbanged" to me. Hilarious. Well that night when we got back, we walked through Times Square, only we looked unkempt and looked more like homeless smurfs than anything, but still people wanted pics-like kids. We were a hit. People dont make eye comtact on the subway, but youd see people just look and smile to themselves. We made children happy, and a couple of old men who would tell me that their street name was papa smurf. Best costumes we saw were the clockwork orange crew, a used condom, and Captain planet, nad of course, Quailman. Didnt you always wonder, if Quialman was a figment of Doug's imagination, why did he put him in a makeshift costume. Why woudl you draw a belt on your head, when you could draw a medallion of pure gold? i know right.
After all that, we went to Mayumi's roomates birthday party pretty late and met some cool peeps there, none of them had played kings before and they all had a ball with us. Left at like 6 am. Next night on Halloween, we went out with Peter and some of his friends from the restaurant. Went to Crocodile Lounge which was dead but with every single drink purchase, you get a free personal cheese pizza. Isn't that rediculous and awesome? After that, we went to Lit, a coverfree club and that was fun. I needed some dancing, and hadnt been to a club in a long time. That will change when the girls get here, yay!

So because the girls are coming and that whole unemployment thing, I need some cash. With rent, loans, cell phone, food, laundry and everything else that doesnt stop coming despite lack of funds, the girls coming will be pretty expensive too. Seth got a job with Paragon sports- they are just finlaizing what exactly he will be doing for them. He worked like 70+ hours this past week for them. He asked me if I wanted to work  a temp job also in the New York City Marathon Expo where 40,000 runners would be picking up their pacets for the race and several companies would have booths there to purchase from. Paragon sports had 25 of the 75. Seth told his boss I was cute and they put me in the Puma booth. "Don't smudge those pumas" I had to go in and train at Paragon on Tuesday which entailed looking at 3 racks of Puma clothes and learning about tennis shoes from this nice runner that worked there. I was so proud of myself. That was the first time I had ridden the subway by myself and I found the store with no problem. I had left my house 2 hours early, so now i was an hour an a half early. Made it home perfectly too. Then for the next four days, Seth and I would get up at 6 something in the morning (even harder cuz it's cold) and take 2 trains to the Javitz convention center. Wednesday, I reported to the Puma booth and set up and Thursday, Friday and Saturday for 12 hours everyday, I worked the expo. It was fun, met some cool people from Puma and Paragon and worked hard, but joked around with everyone I was working with. Got a bunch of free puma gear fo free like shoes, a watch, pants, 2 shirts, a hat. We had the most fun booth with a race track that calculated your mph, which i was charged with getting people to sign up for and keep track of the fastest male and female. it would hurt to see them fall like they were diving into a slip and slide. I had fun with all the foreign folks, even got to use some of my spanish. I got to wear Hussein Bolt-fastest man ever in the world blow-up arms and dance around with them on the last day, i'm gonna be on Puma's website too. I was super putgoing-i blame it on the lack of sleep which allows me to act siller than usual and the frequest visits to the power bar booth where Seth worked. Anyways, had a blast working with the people i worked with and had a really good yet exhausting time.

Last night, we were supposed to go to a potluck, but we were so tired, we slept and then went over there at 230. the party girl was smashed beyond belief which was hilarious and then Seth and I went back to the apt, drank our brewskies and watched our show 30rock.

So yeah, Sara is in town hanging with Julia now and we're going to hangout tomorrow. Jeanne is also coming into town and we're going to a bartender contest. Apparently Jasmine is moving here this thursday too? If she does, it's going to be insane.

PS. I think I saw my first crackhead yesterday. ok well my first blatant in your face literally crackhead...