Saturday, May 28, 2011

May 15, 2011 7 months in NYC

I suck at writing in this. looked at my last entry-really that's the last time I wrote?! well what r ya gonna do at least I wrote what Ive done in my calendar just bc I know myself. Seth is coming home in 14 minutes and I want to chill with him when he gets here. With his two jobs, he usually works till late and while we do spend time together, we don't get to plan whole days to hang out. I do enjoy alone chill time at the crib, but I wish we could plan like a day at the museum or the park or something. He put in his 2 weeks to the Sports place, so hopefully, we'll have more time soon. It's warm here Finally! still have some days of rain or chilliness, but it's finally Spring!

Work has slowed down a bit. went from working on like 12 reqs to now 5. I closed 3 permanent deals last week! That is pretty crazy and awesome. Got paid my 1st commission check the other day with my first 2 deals-yay. They are impressed with me at work and during my review my bosses had positive things to say.

I luv my group of peeps at work. Sheila is my girl but we dont sit right next to each other and I mainly chat/joke around with the recruiters. Get food together for lunch, gchatting each other. They are a crazy bunch, lots of personality. This one guy Taleb is my neighbor so we're mad cool. the receptionist Don is also my neighbor so that's cool.

So I got my couches from Ikea (I swear I already wrote about this..) and I got fun pillows for them. Seth and I changed up the living room and it actually looks like a living room. so cute. we need to get more stuff for the walls. he hung up the bikes in the kitchen which doesnt look awesome, but we have no room.

I'm on a diet now. We used to joke Jacob (the fitness guy from work) but now I seek his help. I already know most of this stuff from my mom, but I feel like I'm being held accountable now. I knew it was time to get on the diet when I found myself. Damnit Seth is home, now Im gonna wanna go hang. Where was I? When I found myself drinking alfredo sauce. I have been here once before and not coincidentally, it was at my fattest. I at that moment wrote Jason from work an email. subject read: My thighs have the power. body of the email: to make a small country tremble. Salads tomorrow? and the diet started. I hate being a hater on the beach. Dumb ass skinny bitches frolicking the beach, while I lay with my one piece and sarong feeling bad about myself. So time to take control, and no im not joining a gym-just eating better and doing my Gilad workout videos!

Going to Spain in June-couldnt find a deal on the tix this time. felt bad for asking off for 8 business days, but family is important. Gotta see my abuela, my mom, and my sis and the girls inc. the new baby! and all the Spanish family. I believe the above paragraph may go out the window, but I dont want it to

Going home this weekend for little Christopher Julian's communion. I'm flying courtesy of Kelly's assistance. Lots to do in 1 weekend. See everyone.

So let's get to what I've been up to:

The weekend of April 1st: got my couches, that saturday, went out with Jasmine and these two guys that were in townIt was struggle getting to them, but fun once I did. We chilled on Bleeker Street. met them at 1849 for a sec then went to some dining place that was kind of nice in the sense that their loud asses in a quiet restaurant-especially Rich who reminded me of Chris Tucker didnt belong haha. oh man. Got some mojitos there and chatted. Then went to a Kareoke bar-the Grisley Pear. It was a spacious room where ppl went to the front to perform. Some favorites were Britney Spears oops I did it again. some gay dude next to me knew all the moves. We drank a lot and had a good time singing along and joking. They came back, met Seth and Peter and passed out.

That Tuesday, the 5th, the CEO sent out an email that said Knicks game tickets-4 tickets. I was the 4th person to respond, and I was excited because I had never been to a professional sporting event and at Madison Square Gardens no less. Christian and I got burger king and then I went with the new guy Joe from another office, Taleb and Christian. We had some baller ass seats too.  We could see Spike Lee sitting courtside. Each one of our tix was like 240.00. Definitely cool. Spent the majority of the time wigging out that I was there and taking pickys. It was against the canadian team: raptors? it was fun watching them score 3 point shots "carmelooooo" I used to like basketball more, but now I think I like football better. Now if I got to go to a giants game that would be awesome. cool experience fo sho! got drinks with talbs and joe after. Joe flirted with a married old lady.
That weekend, I didnt do much. Chris and this other dude came over and we all played card games.

That Monday, the 11th, went to Dewey's with Sheila, where heavy convo occurred. We drank a bunch then drunkenly went to Wendy's where we met seth. Yes all this junkfood was prediet.
Tuesday, Jason and Matt and I went to see the movie, Incidious. I screamed even before we sat down. I drowned myself in popcorn and couldnt take the movie seriously at all bc Matt kept making jokes. It was pretty funny and not that scary at all.
That Thursday, Sheila, Taleb and I went to Seth's wine shop and tried wines and bought margarita stuff. We had margs and chilled at the house, ordered Sushi and drank a lot. pretty fun, then steggs came, drinking games. The next day Taleb was so hungover, he played a homeless man and during lunch tried to recooperate on a bench in the park.
That Friday, my cousin from California and her boyfriend came. they met me at work. We got on the train uptown where two bumbs were jokingly heckeling each other about whether one was a crackhead or a cokehead or what. Fine representation of NY I thought. We got to the Yankees game! I had never been and was really exited. It wasnt exactly what I envisioned for a baseball game. I wanted it to be sunny and sit on the bleachers and get hotdogs and peanuts. After taking pics of all things yankee us in hats and uniforms,  we sat somewhere where there were no seats and they had to give us seats. It was Friday during lent and we're all catholic,so noone got a hotdog (they accidently put meat on the nachos) and it was cold. We were freezing. We got some bomb ass garlic, cheese fries and Melissa and I got to catch up. I was really glad we were hanging out. We were impressed by the gorgeous stadium and our surroundings, but none of us actually knew anything about babseball so after "take me out to the ball game" we left bc we were So cold. Cool experience though.That night, we came over to the house and planned or the night. We drank a little at the house and I was determined to make Tim drunk bc it was his bday.We got a cab to the kareoke place on st marks and while waiting for a private room, we got a good deal on drinks at the Irish place nearby. Bought Tim some nasty drinks like four horseman.  Amie was in town with Jamel too, and I wanted to see her. We all met up at the Kareoke place and sang all night. Seth couldnt come bc he had to work. It was a lot of fun. one of the best songs was "i dont want you back, no even gave him heeead" haha and "i thought i thought a puddy cat i did i did" I did "changes" of course we did killing me softly.
Saturday, I felt nonVIP bc peter forgot to put us on the list at Ippudo, but me and the two couples met there and had a yummy dinner that everyone was impressed with. I forced myself to finish the extra pork belly. Then went times square to haggle my way into some comedy show tickets "cheesecake? why not" to a habibi lounge a chill hookah place that had a deal on hookahs-it was raining and the other place we wanted to go to wasnt open. Got there and got a couple of hookahs, yum, drank a bit, seth joined. Smoked a lot then back to times square. The comedy place, ha! was kind of dumpy, not like dangerfields which is nicer, but it was cheaper and the jokes were funny good mozz sticks too. Pretty good and busy day. Glad I got to chill with them for a good amount of time.

Thursday, the 20th, Seth and I went to a cute little steak place in brooklyn, Destefano's (all thru dinner I was nervous he'd bring up Peter Luger's NY premiere steak place bc in one week for his bday, we'd be going) It was really good. I'd definitely go back. Cool old pictures of owners family on wall as well as old black and white sports pics and such. waitress had a thick brooklyn accent and the owner an older man came by to say hi and give us a sweet shot of somn with dessert, it wasnt a port.
Next day, I went to Eataly with Sheila-Mario Batali's huge mixture of restaurants, and groceries. We ended up just getting proscuitto and bread and wine and went back to her new place where she lives with co-workers and chillen. We had the next day off for good friday, I dont know why, but i wasnt questioning it. I also have never relaly worked with Jews bc a lot of people got a few days off for passover, which I had never seen happen-the getting days off I mean, well i guess i mean both bc ive never seen the passover happen either.

Sarah came that weekend to celebrate Easter with me. the plan was to make each other easter baskets and go to church. We never ended up going to church which sucked. you know you have to get tickets to go to st patricks cathedral? crazy huh. she had never been to Ny but was interested in going with the flow. She has a new man and a one track mind. hes the track that's playing. hah. Anywho, went to Roberta's for lunch, then went to bazaar to pick up a couple things. alway like taking ppl there, its like a hybrid half market half latino discoteque. Kim was in Ct. for a bday party and drove and met us. the old 3 musketeers in Ny-you know from when we were all the best of friends. We went into chinatown as Sarah tried to find a fake fendi bag that does not exist. and we went in and out of little shops. saw a cool store and shopped for a while-necessary clothing or somthing like that. We made our way to little Italy and had canollis yum and then went to midtown and showed them around my office and saw the empire state building and the flatiron from there. they luved it lots of walking though. Kym left and that night Sarah, me, peter and Jasmine went to all you can eat and drink night at the sushi place such a funny and good time. lots of drunken fun and yummy sushi esp. when we did the bombs by pounding on the tables. Sarah wore her "bday sash" and had a good time. She was tired and so we were going home, jasmine didnt want to go home yet and went to a house party with seth and peter, which i found a little odd.
The next day, it was raining and Sarah and I went to Ana Maria's and got authentic NY pizza which was something that she wanted to do, and then walked downstairs and got cheap mani pedis. We got easter basket stuff, i made seth one too and then ordered chinese where it was a little ghetto. then went to the ghetto liquor store where they dont even let you in you just order thru the bullet proof glass. We had fun pregaming and then We grabbed a cab tp libation where Sarah drunkenly told me how proud she was of me and all that and we went to the VIP line and found Kim shortly after and went to the upstairs vip section overlooking the club-Libation. I felt fancy. I would of had a better time i think if I was chillen with ppl i knew or downstairs dancing, but it was cool. Nice to be at a club again. I need to club it up more often. finished the night off with me and sarahs thing, velveeta. Next morning sarah hopped to my room with the easter basket, but I told her my mom always left it right outside my door so she did. I hid hers on top of the cabinets her hungover ass did not appreciate that.Made seth find his too. We stayed in all day making Easter dinner-first time I had made a ham, and the spread was lovely. We watched Harry potter and called it a weekend. Sarah was beat (I didnt feel we had done that much) and I'm glad we got that good time together.

That Tuesday, the 26th, I met Jeanne and her roomate at Stout after work. I told her I wasnt going to get wasted bc I had to work and she wasnt having it. "what are you married?, are ya fucking 45 years old? What do you have to go home and cook dinner?" I intereptued her mid sentence and said to the waitor she was hitting on "2 shots of patron please" she died laughing and I was like there bitch drink. haha. good to catch up with her and then i dipped. ok we'll continue tomorrow. I have a few more events to cover.