Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 27- almost 6 months here!

Havent written in almost 2 months! been putting this off. the only time I really have is weekends bc i work everyday from 8:30 to no earlier than 6:30. Its usually 7, sometimes 7:30. Then I come home and make dinner and hangout with Seth once he gets home and watch netflix. Spartacus the 2nd season prequal is over, but it was soo good. Now we're on to watching Dexter-soo good too-on 3rd season now. Stopped really watching sliders since the professor died. Work: Cant help it the days go by sooo fast! I like it though, laugh a lot there, like it because I feel like I'm in the swing of things and am comfortable. It's stressful, but I can handle it. Right now, I'm working like 11-13 reqs which is insane and Im talking with clients directly, which adds more work.  I feel like i wrote another post after the "last" one but i probably didnt. Anyways, so work: is my life, im still enjoying it, we've gotten some new ppl so Matt and I are not the newbys anymore, I've closed 2 deals! in my first 2 months-the first one the guy is making 50K and my company sees 10% of that, the second one I close was 110K and the company sees 20% of it. Tomorrow hopefully I will close (get someone a permanent, full time job) a 130K 25% deal. So my commission check should be as henry always said "a nice chunk of change." Gotten close to come ppl at work like Matt, Jason who calls me PCG potato chip girl- we joke around with teh food nazi jacob, new guy Christian, some others im really cool with too. Now Sheila is like one of my really good friends in New york. she just moved here too and is awesome, she's 29, persian-from minnosota haha ppl always said i looked persian. We go to tjmaxx/marshalls, get $1 slice of pizza, went to a scotch tasting at seths work, she came over one night and drank and ate bomb ass mac and cheese and wings with seth and peter and i, played card games, really fun. this past friday, i went out with her, her 16 yr old sister-born in 1994 what?! and some co workers to get drinks. then met seth, peter and chris out to see vcu enter the elite 8. last night, we went to a russian restaurant bc we got a yelp deal and the owner was pissed that we didnt tell her we had that coupon when we made the reservations, she was such a bitch which pretty much ruined dinner, then we left and went to..... a golden girls tribute party! this made the night awesome. got there after 1 AM and everything. It was at a gay bar and def saw some drags. Im so happy Seth found it...and came with me! The host was this fat white blonde lady wearing not much and she was hilarious. 4 gg impersonators-Dorothy was the absolute best! i took a pic with her did henny penny, and then the rusty anchor scene-we saw "blanche's" entire ass-no undies! there was trivia (peters gay friend lance who is obsessed with the ggs would have loved this) and they had ppl who went up there and read lines out of a hat. this one black dude read sophia: im an old, white lady, i dont see color... " omg SO funny.

what else: so much to tell, luckily (or unluckily) i dont do much during the week. Dont think i wrote about how a while back we went to see a movie in NY-$13 not even kidding true grit and also seth and i went to the beacon theatre for the decemberists concert at the beacon theatre a while back. that was cool. his voice sounded exactly the same live as not. Seth and I are going to the Fleet foxes concert in May. Kelly and I are going to the Usher concert in May in Newark. Im currently listening to to Dont leave me giiiiirl, please stay with me tonight. Ive discovered the wonders of boyz II men pandora-amazing. just hanging out in a bra, cooking and singing to the top of my lungs, luv it.

Ok so ive been going thru pics and clues trying to remember what ive done during the weekends. ok this is what ive peiced together:

feb 4th: did i write this already? All you can eat and drink sushi with peter, seth, and this chic and dude that also went to vcu with peter. super fun they encouraged saki bombs, not bad sushi either.

weekend of the 11th, 12th? think Peter's friend lori came over and we just chilled. On the way home, i saw a japanese guy in the subway dressed in an orange mouse costume, with an oversized purple sequin bow, a top hat with a barbie in it, and he was humping the air. He had a sign that said your smile is beautiful, I was like that dude is awesome. I gave him a buck. Looks like some dumb shit i would do. I told this to peter and lori and they were like oh yoshi? Of course out of all the japanese ppl in nyc, peter knew him. They all worked together at ippudo hahaha.

On valentines day, poor seth had gotten operated on-his tail bone-ew ill spare you the deets here. Anywho, he couldnt move so we stayed in and watched the Rain Man-good movie ive been meaning to watch forever, and ordered a heart shaped papa johns pizza. nah lol we didnt get the heart shape, but that was an option!

On Feb 16th, we went to the GIPSY KINGS at Radio City Music hall! Got cupcakes at Magnolia and walked in to Radio City We had awesome seats that I splurged on in the orchestra. poor seth was still really unable to move, but i had to get up and dance a little. probably recorded 70% of the show. Was so excited about radio city and them. They still got it, so soulful and they all can sing, super talented and sooo much fun. The place exploded into a party when they played their 2nd to last song, their hit Bamboleo! Lots of fun, great high. Wish seth woulda been feeling better, but still a great time! Really want to go to more shows, do fun stuff like this.

Feb. 18th weekend
Peter's friend Rosie came, she went to VCU also. One of the nights, all 4 of us stayed in and watched Teeth while drinking. Its about a girl whose vagina has teeth, a condition known as vagina dentata. Her vagina ends up biting ppls weiners/ fingers off. there were like 3 disgusting scenes. I watched all of their faces instantly transform to a "AHHHHH" and then laugh at the scenes. "Munch!"  I was dying. Definitely recommend watching this gawd awful movie soo funny. Also had her watching the Human Centipede "feeed huuuhhh" haha. Peter introduced us a week b4 to Maurica love match-a tale about a transsexual from the lower east side. "Oh you from westchester, that's what im looking for. Daas-it! I just need someone to pay for muh tits, platanos, all-ceety" pretty funny shit.  Saturday night Rosie- who i just met the day b4 and I went to a gay club in the upper west side, Industry. Lots of good looking gay men making out and such. Saw one tranny I think. We ended up meeting ppl that were at Seth's rooftop party b4 we lived here like Karen who i was really cool with that night, and Francis. Fellow flips. Karen and I have been in contact sinse like going to an art show and such. Saw her out when kelly came also. she went to tallwood. At the gay club, I was asked by a straight man if I was a lesbian bc his lesbian friend and his gay guy friend had a bet going. The lesbian lost bc i dont like chicks ha. then... a gay guy came up to me and told me i was gorgeous and went in for a kiss ultimately kissing my cheek. His gay friend was like omg im soooo sorry. haha. then we went to a diner.

Feb. 22nd mid week: Alex and Ben came to visit! I missed them. I met them after work. They were at the tail end of an entertaining beer tasting class. They had met a quaint canadian who they were calling liz lemon. she said words very canadian like. i made the best wing man for alex that night. We all went to McSorely's after which is always a good time, and then to Bon chon chicken mmm. Had a lot of fun with them, laughed a lot and was sad i had to be responsible and go. I have to go to bed before 1230 or i feel like crap all the next day. That was the only time I got to chill with them, except of course when alex inevitably woke me up at 4 AM and i hugged them all goodbye.

Feb. 25th: Kelly came to visit! On Friday, we went to Momo sushi with Seth and Peter. Then all but Seth went to Kareoke to meet peter's friend in town that he went to vcu with and we all had a private room. I didnt know anyone but Kelly, and I and this girl sang Ace of base and fugees, pretty fun. Then off to another couple of bars like this alice and wonderland one and some other one. However, kelly lost her 1 week old iPhone. Me: "Does he a black hat?" Kelly: "What does this look like, Vicky, guess who?" Then later, Kelly: "I don't know, I guess I just don't really like guys." So many funny quotes from this weekend. The next day, we went to Roberta's with Peter, then Kelly and I went to the TOP of the ROCK-rockafeller center. The elevator was cool, i felt like i was in a rocket about to take off. At first, we got there and I was like eh, the view from the empire state building is cooler-except you cant see the empire state building from the empire state building, so in that regard it was cooler. Also pretty up close view of Central park, just being able to see this big ol patch of grass. We came at a good time, we got to see it during the day and watched it turn into night. Sitting and watching the chrysler building instantly light up and the empire state building gradually light up. Really cool views of the city at night. Reminded me of seeing Paris from the Arc de Triumphe with Kelly in 2007.Glad we stayed there a good while. Then we went to Seth's work and had wine and then all went to Ippudo. While there, we got a call that someone found kelly's phone. We ended up getting multiple cabs, then meeting this thug in the hood while the cab was running. The thugs homie brought a vicious dog along and he had issue with the fact that kelly onlu had $40 to give him. "You cant be losing yo shit, especially when you be comin up short"  or somethin to that effect. Yeah kelly you need to be more responsible, thank you so much for finding this phone and giving it to us." -me, Seth had a knife on him, and I brought the pink pepper spray-that shit was scary. We got outta there quick- pounced in the cab, locked the doors and sped away, pretty funny slash scary as hell. you had tiny kelly ;)  seth twinkle toes lumberjack from pungo and me dealing with a crisis in the hood. oh man. What an adventure. We were supposed to go out that night with jasmine, but kelly didnt feel like it, and jasmine was distraught, and kelly and I stayed in and played card game golf with the boys, had some singalongs. Sunday, we went to see my work, altho couldnt get in to my floor, walked around Madison Square park, and saw flatiron building, then I recorded my video for Lola, in which I am reading her a poem that about lolas vacation to new york city. It was cute! Her whole class watched it twice in Italy. Then we just walked around, went to FAO shwartz and saw the big piano. Went to crumbs for cupcakes, then Kelly had to go home.

March 4th:
Sheila and I went to happy hour with everyone, was this when we played beer pong with Leanne and I sucked ass? Anyways if it was we got some tequila shots to celebrate, Tom G. -her favorite sales rep and I closing the 110K 20% deal. After chillin here, we went back to my house and Peter and Seth had made mac and cheese and wings, we ate drank and were merry. Fun times.
I met Sheila the next day for wine tasting, and then I dont remember what else happenned that night.

March 11: worked too much this week. However, Im not getting skinnier-i eat well here. grabbing food with coworkers and eating in the lunchroom. or making elaborate dinners-luv that grocery stores are right by us. The deli guy wont allow me to order in English only Spanish... Anywho Evan and Caitlin and Jaimie came this weekend. None of them stayed with us. Friday night, I met Jasmine in LES and then met Evan, Caitlin (one of me and Seth's couples-Evan is a trip- i call him Shrek or 5 head) met them seth, peter and robbie and one of cailyns teacher friends out. Then went to a bar connected to a bowling alley, drank a lot with jasmine and took pickys, then another bar. Drank a lot, ended night with Whiskey shots at some bar with the word whiskey. Pretty fun night hop dancing around, but wish i would got some more good time with Evan and Caitlyn. Seth was mad they didnt want to chill until 6 am. We were about to go on the train and i was drunk talking to the live maurica love match-only it was a chic i think, but she was tellin her crazy story about her crazy man and i was just agreeing with her in my ghetto drunkeness. then we got on the train and kept yelling "daas-it!" so obnoxious. got home and passed out on the airmattress cuddling jasmine fully clothed haha. Next day, met them all at a wine tasting, then Jaz and I went to her abuelitas house. Its in the "projects" in the LES, but it didnt feel ghetto. Met Jasmines mom who was visiting, and then left. The F train was not running uptown so i ended up being lost for like an hour or 2. sucked. besides this, I'm pretty good with the subway now. and i learned how to use my smartphone gps, which ive used once-this night.

I came home, ate my weight in cheese puffs (how come i remember that but not other things?) and met her and her friends from DC and her friend Amanda that we hung out with before and went to Roebling Tea room for dinner, Jaimie and I caught up, talked about how Hedy's dad was safe from the Tsunami that hit Japan-shit  going down everywhere like Libya-where my bro Chris is near... how her and her man Christian were and just caught up. Good to see her! I ate some bomb ass bacon mac and cheese and then we went to some really cool place in my part of brooklyn and went dancing. It was mostly obscure songs from old albums, but they did play some biggie and "baby when we're grinding, i get so excited" we met up with their mexican, jewish gay friend there too. Some guy recognized me from VB, no clue who he was went to ocean lakes and told me he was a lawyer as if that would impress me. Its a cool spot. Fun dancing with Jaimie haha-her and her self proclaimed white girl moves. Ive decided that every night that i go out should start out with a shot of tequila, makes everything fun. then afterwards, they came over to walk me home and so jaimie could see the spot. Jaimie is coming up for a Vicky weekend next.

March 18th, I was sick this week. I missed wednesday from work, didnt submit resumes or make calls, but took care of stuff for sure. Friday and Monday, we newbys-everyone that started at work after Dec. 2010, i stared Jan. 2011... anyways Friday and monday, we worked while they were drunk in cancun. Then Tuesday, they came back and we all worked from home. I was sick all that weekend. Didnt mind working from home. Friday was nice as shit 70s, we've had like 2 nice days this whole time ive been here. now back to 26 degrees what the hell. It snowed the other day! The only fun thing I did on this weekend was go to Iron Sushi in the LES and had some really yummy sushi. Then Seth and I got canollis. very fun. Lots of dexter watching.

I told you what i did this weekend, so I think I'm all finished. If anyone read all of this, then you lov me and more than likely i heart you too.

Saw more of lil baby Luna!on google chat shes soo pretty with her big blue eyes. and omg Casey had her baby too!! Baby finley-so crazy that she is in charge of a human life-insanity on ice! and that we're growing up like that-real adult no turning back kinda things. She seems happy.

Also.. I was on google chat with Eva and we picked out furtniture (sofa and a one seat couch whatever the hell thats called) and its coming this week! i dont know where the hell theyre going to fit, esp now with these 3 bikes in the living room that seth brought back from his 24 hour trip to vb. Im excited about it though. Got a little canvas painting from TJ. Need to get more artwork.